Planning for Brexit

Gepubliceerd op15 februari 2018
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Here’s how your company can start planning ahead for this huge task of moving offices and relocating employees:

Get an assessment for the move of your office equipment

You should start by contacting an established international moving company to assess how long it will take to execute a plan for the moving of equipment from your current destination to your new location. They will ask a few questions and then send a surveyor to assess the volume of your equipment and come back to you with a plan. A large scale, international move can be a complicated process, so organizing it several months in advance is a wise idea.

Determine your employees relocation needs

An employee being relocated to a new location requires professional support to make for a successful and stress-free transition.  Departure assistance is commonly chosen as a service in the place of origin to help with the time consuming tasks related to closing down accounts. Moving assistance is important as well, particularly for managers with families that will be taking their household goods with them. And of course destination services at their new location are essential to make sure the employee gets proper support in finding a new property, choosing and enrolling in a school for their children, getting established with banking and telecommunication services, and having a thorough orientation of their new home city.

Provide legal immigration assistance for employees

Legal immigration assistance is a matter that is important to get ahead of well in advance of the relocation, especially for non-EU employees that require full assistance to organize a work permit and residence visa, but also for EU citizens that need to register locally with the proper government offices for tax purposes, having local resident rights, and more. Make sure you speak with an immigration expert  as soon as possible to see what needs to be done.


Undertaking this entire process is certain to be complex and requires thorough planning and assistance from experts in the international relocation and moving business. Our company Eurohome Relocation can provide the expertise and experience necessary to execute your company’s large scale move to a new country.

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