Global Mobility Report 2014

Gepubliceerd op3 februari 2014

Eurohome Relocation Services, part of the Voerman Group, has published its 2014 Global Mobility Report on Russia. This report provides an update on the ever changing market that Russia represents.

With new insights on today’s business and an outlook on tomorrow, the report summarizes what ‘Global Mobility’ means for multinationals in Russia. The report was produced in cooperation with Russian multinational organizations and corporations with the objective of supporting mobility teams around the world in understanding the opportunities and challenges in an increasingly important HR topic.

Eurohome is the longest serving relocation company in Russia after being established in the late 1980s. “A key driver for us at Eurohome is adding real value for our clients and the expats we serve,” adds Sherman Pereira, Eurohome’s Managing Director in Russia. “We are a truly independent relocation company whose main ambition is to exceed client expectations every time.“

The report is available for global mobility professionals around the globe. To receive a copy, please reach out to the office nearest you us or visit our corporate website.

About Eurohome Relocation Services

ERS is part of the Voerman Group and is providing and managing relocation, destination, and immigration services for multinational companies and individuals. Its corporate headquarters are located at The Hague, The Netherlands. From there ERS leads its international practice with operations in Russia, Poland, Czech Republic and The Netherlands. ERS is a frontrunner in the relocations market and continuously invests in innovation.

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