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Voerman in The Portal

Gepubliceerd op30 september 2018

Voerman in The Portal, IAM magazine, read here the article, on page 62: For more information, please contact Florine Arkenbout or visit the webpage of Transpack

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Wiebe in Shell Magazine

Gepubliceerd op30 mei 2018

Wiebe van Bockel, Chief Commercial Officer of Voerman Group, was interviewed by Shell for their magazine Shell Venster and edition  about connecting companies. Wiebe shares information about the moving industry and the changes taking place within the world of global mobility. Please read the article here (in Dutch) in Shell Venster:        

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ULSI in the Spotlight

Gepubliceerd op16 februari 2016

In the latest edition of the Belafonte Luxury Magazine, a 6-page article was published that creative bureau ULSI, part of the Voerman Group, is much more than a moving company.|

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VoermanGroup Innovating

Gepubliceerd op23 juni 2015

Voerman Group Innovating for the Future This week I had an interesting conversation with a client. We discussed the trends we see today and how we looked at this 20 years’ back. At that time we had the movie ‘Back to the Future’ and we had a ‘House of the Future’ in The Netherlands. If … Lees verder

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Moving forward

Gepubliceerd op2 maart 2015

The mobility industry generally still operates according to the work processes and procedures set half a century ago. IT has become much more important, but the core way of service delivery hasn’t changed that dramatically yet.

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Gepubliceerd op15 februari 2018

Enhancing the moving and relocation experience and improving cost and efficiency through the use of Blockchain technology Blockchain is the exciting new development in the world of high-tech that has captured the attention of The Voerman Group as we seek out the latest in technology to increase efficiency and improve the experience of our clients. … Lees verder

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