De verhuisindustrie verschilt van dag tot dag. Er zijn trends, gebeurtenissen en organisatorische veranderingen in de verhuizende business. Hieronder vindt u de nieuwsartikelen van de Voerman Groep.


Gepubliceerd op15 februari 2018

Enhancing the moving and relocation experience and improving cost and efficiency through the use of Blockchain technology Blockchain is the exciting new development in the world of high-tech that has captured the attention of The Voerman Group as we seek out the latest in technology to increase efficiency and improve the experience of our clients. … Lees verder

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Voerman International won first prize in Harmony Member Awards 2017

Gepubliceerd op13 april 2018

With great pride we would like to announce that Voerman International has received 1st prize in the 2017 Harmony Member Awards! The award was presented to our Agent Relations specialist Steve Lewis by Paul Bernardt, the Managing Director of Harmony Relocation Network, at the recent FIDI conference in San Diego, California. This recognition is especially prestigious … Lees verder

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Planning for Brexit

Gepubliceerd op15 februari 2018

Here’s how your company can start planning ahead for this huge task of moving offices and relocating employees: Get an assessment for the move of your office equipment You should start by contacting an established international moving company to assess how long it will take to execute a plan for the moving of equipment from … Lees verder

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Getting in shape with Voerman International

Gepubliceerd op1 mei 2017

Most people can get behind the idea that health, happiness, and productivity at work are related concepts, and are to everybody’s benefit. Voerman International Netherlands seized the opportunity to incorporate all three — with a corporate wellness program – a first ever for the company. During three months, professional weight consultant and health Coach Auke … Lees verder

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The evolution of our Branch in Prague

Gepubliceerd op30 maart 2017

Wiegert joined Voerman 2,5 years ago, with a background in Operations Management, Finance and HR. “I was really used to working in Rotterdam – the Port to be precise – where a multicultural environment prevailed.

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A Year of Choices

Gepubliceerd op13 maart 2017

2017 had not even started and we knew this would be an interesting year, to say the least. During the next two years, we expect to see the first major changes in the global mobility industry & logistics industry, with a disruption of the traditional ways the moving and relocation domains had previously functioned. Technological … Lees verder

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25 Years Voerman Russia

Gepubliceerd op10 oktober 2016

Prominent guests, flutes of champagne, an exquisite feast, all topped off by spectacular decorations and astonishing surprises – Voerman International celebrated the advent of its 25th Anniversary on the Russian market. Another surprising addition to the evening was the cultural program, which was held secret until the very last moment – The grand performance of … Lees verder

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