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Book your groupage online

Published on 24 July 2018

We are excited to announce the launch of anew application created specifically for international groupage shipments of household goods. The app, which is offered through our groupage specific moving company Transpack, gives clients sending goods from the Netherlands the ability to quickly and easily get a price estimate for shipments to several popular destinations around the … Read more

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Tenancy management made easy

Published on 5 June 2018

Tenancy management is a destination service that provides value   equally for our corporate clients as well as the individual expat on assignment. Rather than being potentially overwhelmed by the   time sensitive organization of ongoing rental payments, fluctuating utility bills, day-to-day repairs, and keeping track of lease extension dates, both the expat and our corporate clients … Read more

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ULSI in the Spotlight

Published on 16 February 2016

In the latest edition of the Belafonte Luxury Magazine, a 6-page article was published that creative bureau ULSI, part of the Voerman Group, is much more than a moving company.|

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Published on 15 February 2018

Enhancing the moving and relocation experience and improving cost and efficiency through the use of Blockchain technology Blockchain is the exciting new development in the world of high-tech that has captured the attention of The Voerman Group as we seek out the latest in technology to increase efficiency and improve the experience of our clients. … Read more

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Voerman International Launches Customer Portals

Published on 10 October 2012

From the 1st of October 2012 Voerman International launched a personalized portal for all its customers. With the “Customer Portal”, the customer has access to the tracking page to see the shipment details such as estimated time of inspection, the packing and loading of the personal property, but also when the boat departures, arrives and … Read more

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New Online Platform for Transpack

Published on 15 June 2016

As of now, the customs regulations in the UK have changed, which brings a number of issues to how goods cross EU borders. Our colleagues at Transpack Shipping Services have found a solution – our new online platform – that will save you from all troubles concerning your group shipments into EU member states. This … Read more

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A Year of Choices

Published on 13 March 2017

2017 had not even started and we knew this would be an interesting year, to say the least. During the next two years, we expect to see the first major changes in the global mobility industry & logistics industry, with a disruption of the traditional ways the moving and relocation domains had previously functioned. Technological … Read more

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Rebranding to Harmony

Published on 11 January 2016

As of 2016, UTS has been rebranded to Harmony Relocation Network. The name Harmony is symbolic of our cooperative global network, putting people first in everything we do by providing for our corporate clients, their transferees as well as our members and employees. Harmony combines the best of local heritages and a global presence, going … Read more

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