What to take in account when relocating employees abroad

Published on 21 July 2022
Voerman group

In a rapidly changing world where international business is becoming increasingly important, you might need to relocate employees for a short term or long-term project. But how does that work and what rules are involved when relocating employees to work abroad? This article explains crucial things to consider when you move assignees overseas.

You need the correct travel documents

An employee isn’t allowed to work abroad without the necessary documentation. For example, they must have a visa or Posted Worker Notification, depending on the destination. Every destination has its own rules, and this can create a complex situation for HR or GM professionals who must prepare for the relocation.

Now that the Posted Worker Directive is also actively enforced by European countries, it is very important that you as a company meet all the requirements to avoid a fine.

Relocation packages

An international relocation has a major impact on the assignee’s life. They must get to know a new country, a new language, and even new customs. Naturally, you want the process to run as smoothly as possible for them, so that they quickly feel at home at the destination.

A relocation package can help to convince the employee to move, but also to support their well-being while living at the destination. This can include:

  • Moving expenses to move household goods
  • Help them to find temporary housing or a home
  • Transport of the assignee
  • Personal support
  • Assistance to find employment for their spouses or to find a school for their children
  • Cultural assistance
  • Insurance packages

Handling the relocation expenses

An international move involves many costs. Just think of the airline tickets for the assignee and their family, transport costs of the household goods, the services of a relocation manager and more.

Lump sum payments, cost sharing between the employee and company, or payments transferred straight to their bank account are a few of the typical methods used to handle relocation expenses. Make sure that you draw up a correct and well-considered policy in which you record how the relocation expenses are reimbursed and to what extent.

Enable a relocation manager

Do you want your employees to experience a smooth moving process and help them integrate into a new culture? Then you can enlist the help of a relocation manager. They help your organization and employee with all the preparations, and they have the right expertise and knowledge to make the process run smoothly. Read more about relocation management and how our exports can support your immigration process.