Voerman’s Green Heart: Sustainability is Key

Published on 7 July 2022

Sustainability is becoming more and more important for many organizations.┬áDuring the summit in Glasgow in November 2021, we have seen many initiatives by governments, corporates, specific organizations, NGO’s, etcetera. Goals and promises are being made in the move to change global warming and to meet ecological challenges.

The Voerman Group has taken a leading role in our industry in order to contribute to a better world. We have taken several initiatives since our company started four decades ago and we are on the ISO 14001 certification for all our companies. With our sustainability program, ecolegIT, we have taken another important step towards reducing our footprint globally. This program will enable us to completely offset all of the moves and logistic services we provide.

In 2022, relocation activities will be added to this sustainability program as well.

We are working hard towards becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2022.

ecolegIT has been embraced by one of our largest clients who is at the forefront of global sustainability initiatives. This program has enabled us to offset all of the moves for this client. This is a great start as we reduce our global footprint and help our clients achieve this as well by redesigning policies, developing different shipping methods, and focusing on all of the steps in the mobility journey.

We will take bold steps in 2022 and expect a few drastic changes in our way of working and a fundament change to existing operational process. Robert Voerman, CEO Voerman Group, adds: “Combined with moving to a new, sustainable global HQ, we are working hard towards becoming carbon neutrals by the end of 2022. At Voerman, we aim to stay at the forefront in our industry by being the first global mobility company to reach this goal”.

Stay tuned for updates as we improve sustainability together with our clients, partners, suppliers and colleagues.