Voerman Prague welcomes four move coordinators

Published on 3 April 2018
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Voerman’s office in the Czech Republic is proud to welcome four excellent new Move Coordinators to the household goods moving department. Coming from four very unique and varied backgrounds, the new hires all bring a fantastic set of skills and a tremendous level of positive energy to the office and we couldn’t be happier to have them on the team.

You can read a bit more below as you get to know each person’s story and to hear why our new employees decided to work with Voerman.

Alan King

New Move Coordinator Alan King is, as he so accurately describes himself, “a seasoned worker in a number of fields.” Originally coming from the London Area, he’s been living in Prague for six years during which time he’s owned his own glass repair shop, worked in customer service for Olympus, managed a busy Irish pub in central Prague, and driven delivery trucks for the country’s largest consumer electronics company. It’s a CV that would be hard to match anywhere and proves his ability to adapt to a large diversity of tasks.

Working as a moving coordinator seems to be a step into new territory, but the affable and energetic Alan explained that he wanted the job because he’s “a people person”, which is clear to see right away after chatting with him, and a characteristic that will suit him well as he deals with Voerman moving clients from around the world.

He also can see a promising future within Voerman due to the company culture,

“At Voerman the leadership is good. People give ideas and are encouraged to share. There is excellent career development potential.”

With a wedding coming up in 2019 and a job that suits his engaging personality, the future looks bright for Alan and Voerman is happy to have him on the team.

Jason Healy

New Move Coordinator Jason Healy’s previous job might well be the most original of any person within the entire company of Voerman, let alone the Czech office. “Before moving to Prague, I was a detective for the London metro police department.”

It’s certainly not the typical job experience one expects to find on a CV amongst those looking to work in the relocation industry, but Jason’s cool and collected demeanor and no doubt high attention to detail will serve him well in a position that requires a focused, analytical mind to meet the challenges that come with the job.

As an English speaker with such a special background and highly desired skills, Jason had a number of job opportunities to choose from in Prague, but he knew after his interview with Voerman that it was the right fit. “This was the first job I interviewed for and I took it. I had a very good impression due to the management.” When asked to describe the office environment and whether it has met his expectations, he says that it’s a place that is “friendly, relaxed, and with a good team.”

Jason moved to Prague only recently and was married just last week, so feel free to congratulate him if you happen to have the chance. We are glad that he decided on the career change from gumshoe to Move Coordinator, and are excited to be working with him.

Jiri Klimes

Jiri Klimes is our sole hire at the office that is Czech, but he brings with him several years of international work experience earned while living in North Carolina. There he started with a humble first job as a car washer at an auto dealership before working his way up to manager’s assistant and customer service representative.

Jiri came back to the Czech Republic with his diligence and ingenuity in tow (not to mention a new son and daughter, now four and seven years old) as well as a passion for the work entailed by being a Move Coordinator at Voerman. “I appreciate working in an international environment”, Jiri said when describing his new job, “helping so many different people with different nationalities really provides a lot of satisfaction for what you’ve done, and makes the work day so much more interesting.”

When asked why Jiri chose Voerman amongst the many jobs available in Prague for a bilingual person with great international job experience he told us,\

“I only wanted to work for an honest, ethical company, with a friendly environment. This is the job I was looking for.”

We are also fortunate to have found Jiri and the great skills he brings along with him to do the job.

Hiring four high quality people at a time when the Czech job market is incredibly competitive for companies looking to hire is a big win for our branch. Prague boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union at a mere 2.3%, making it a challenge for many companies to entice skilled candidates to join due to the abundance of opportunities. We’re happy to have found the right matches for the Move Coordinator positions and look forward to our future ahead together with Jiri, Jason, Ana, and Alan as valued members of the team.