Voerman joins the ecolegIt Program focusing on a sustainable relocation

Published on 17 June 2021
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With green in the logo, Voerman International embraces sustainability. Voerman is proud to announce their collaboration with the ecolegIT Program, offering a tangible product for a fully sustainable relocation.

Sustainability is a big issue on every political and media agenda. In the Global Mobility Industry environmental concerns are increasing as well, and the industry is looking to reduce its impact. Corporate clients are also interested in improving the ecological impact of international relocations across the globe. Voerman recognizes this need, as Wiebe van Bockel, CCO of the Voerman Group states:

We take sustainability seriously and want to lead the industry on a more sustainable path. We have already made significant steps in reducing our carbon footprint and aim to make a tangible impact to offer a CO2 neutral relocation. With ecolegIt, we make the difference for our corporate clients, for the people we move as well as for our planet. We see it as our full responsibility towards our clients and to the globe to realize a fully sustainable relocation process. Together, with our clients and partners, we want to make a change and work towards ‘Green Global Mobility’.

That is why, we are very proud to announce that we have joined forces with UNLSH Mobility and their ecolegIT program, a technology platform designed to support the moving industry and their clients to reduce their ecological footprint.

ecolegIT: a truly unique concept

ecolegIT offers a truly unique concept of reporting the CO2 emissions behavior of international relocations. It goes further than just compensating; it monitors, reports and keeps track of all international relocations and the C02 emissions behavior per international relocation in one digital dashboard. It is a tangible product which definitely helps the corporate client achieve their goals and makes reporting clear and transparent. The program uses technology to guarantee a completely digital process with full licensing of all digital move applications. The process is being audited by Parsifal, to provide an official certificate of the CO2 emission offset being made.

A milestone in Global Mobility

ecolegIT is an important milestone towards sustainability in the Global Mobility world. As such, the Harmony Relocation Network has embraced the program and has introduced ecolegIT to its worldwide network partners. Voerman is very proud to be the first Harmony member on board of this life-changing program and hopefully there are many more to come.

ecolegIT is the right step forward towards delivering a fully sustainable relocation. Would you like to join the ecolegIT Program? Moving Forward Together!

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