Voerman introduces food box

Published on 11 August 2014

When people move to a new home, they often throw out perfectly fine food, because they do not want to take it with them. Such a waste! We came up with a smart and wonderful solution. We contacted the Dutch food banks and asked them if they were interested in working together. They were.

The concept is simple: all Voerman International’s customers are offered a food box in which to put non-perishable food items they do not want to take with them. On the day of their move to a new home, Voerman International will pick up the food box and deliver it at the food bank organization. Everybody benefits: Voerman’s customers can stop worrying about leftover food, less food is wasted and the food banks can rely on a trusted partner to help them do their work.

An increasing number of people in the Netherlands is having serious trouble to make ends meet. Food banks support them by offering a package with basic food items (rice and pasta, canned fruit and vegetables, for example) once a week. Some 150 food banks are now a member of the Dutch umbrella for food banks. Together they offer 35,000 households (85,000 people) a helping hand. Their continued support is crucial for families living in poverty.