Voerman attends Young Movers Conference in Brussels

Published on 6 May 2018
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This year, our “sales boys” Mitch Verbraeken and Thomas Dejalle attended the Young Movers Conference in Brussels. Mitch represented Voerman International and Thomas represented Transpack Moving Services. During these four days, the two sales representatives gained a lot of knowledge and information about the global mobility industry and shared experiences and insights with international partners.

“It is always good to show your face as a company during these events as the global mobility industry is a business with a lot of competition and new companies”, recounted Thomas. “Furthermore, networking leads to great opportunities of cooperation with other partners. With an event like this we are able to connect and strengthen each other’s businesses.

Our CCO, Wiebe van Bockel, also attended the conference and gave a speech about innovation and technology in the global mobility industry. He explained Voerman’s belief that innovation is an essential area to focus on and that new technology should be orientated towards improving the customer experience.

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Thomas attended the conference for the third time and noticed a few positive differences this time around.

The event is typically European focused, but this year we had moving companies from the USA, South Korea, and Peru. We also noticed a lot more young people in attendance compared to previous years, which was great to see.

We give our thanks to Thomas, Mitch, and Wiebe for representing The Voerman Group at the YMC 2018 conference. Great work, guys!