Voerman attends OMNI, EuRA & YMC

Published on 16 April 2019
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Wiebe van Bockel, Shalini and Robert Jan voerman attended OMNI from the 5th of April till the 8th of April in Sevilla. Wiebe gave a presentation about innovation and technology in the Global Mobility Industry and the perspective of Voerman. Read here the article about the presentation of Wiebe.

Thinking and moving forward is key nowadays! Wiebe van Bockel, CCO Voerman Group

Shalini Voerman, Ivo van Holstein and Matt Andrisani will attend the EuRA conference, from 30th of April till the 3rd of May. This year, the event takes place in Munich.

Finally, the Young Movers conference takes place from the 9th of May till the 11th of May. Our young professionals, Mitch Verbraeken, Hugo van Bastelaere and Alan King attended this event.
This year, the conference is in Bucharest. Watch here the video to get impression of the event.