A true Servant Leader!

Published on 17 May 2013

Our colleague Kelvan from CrownVan in Taiwan has a most excellent relationship with the local immigration services office.

servant_leadershipRecently, 2 of our Dutch colleagues paid him a visit and after he picked them up from the airport, he indicated that “he had to stop by the immigration office because a very important customer was in need of assistance”. But, it was almost end of day and therefore the immigration office already closed their doors. Kelvan however could enter via another entry, raced inside to submit the applications and collecting the permit.

One thing is clear; CrownVan has a fantastic team and their offices and facilities are very impressing. They truly commit to their clients and are extremely willing to serve them. Kelvan is so dedicated that he even moved property to be closer to one of his largest accounts so he can deliver 24 hr emergency help. After all, the assignee must have a Happy Landing!

What a true Servant Leader and a golden Destination Service Provider