Toys-bank Heppie opens in Roosendaal!

Published on 18 October 2013

Being able to play is of major importance for children and helps them in growing up and their development. And besides that, playing is just a lot of fun! Unfortunately, 1 out of 9 children is raised in poverty where no money is available to spend on toys.

Also in the area of Roosendaal (Western Brabant) there are children who are confronted with this. To give every child the opportunity to play with toys at home the Toys-bank Heppie is recently raised. Toys are being collected through various ways and all is centrally stored at 1 place.

In order to group-and transport all toys, there was an urgent need of removal boxes and those have been made available through Voerman. Heppie is using a temporary accommodation now but soon will have their own place. We love the initiative and will keep on supporting them.