Towards a sustainable organization

Published on 13 February 2023
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Five questions for project manager Sander Droog

We will open the doors of our new headquarters and warehouse in Nootdorp in the first quarter of 2023. Sander Droog is supervising the construction of and relocation to the sustainable building.

Why a new building?

“Voerman Group continues to grow. To provide space for the different entities within Voerman, we wanted to move to a building that is future-proof – one that will be adequate for our growth and, above all else, is sustainable. The new location will have one hundred workstations, and working close to each other will facilitate collaboration.”

How sustainable is the new building?

“The new building is carbon neutral, thanks in part to the large number of solar panels on the roof. We will also be using a heat pump combined with air conditioning units, and there are charging stations for electric cars. The building is completely gas-free. It is well insulated, with an R-value of between 4.5 and 6. We also opted for sustainable solutions when furnishing the offices. For example, much of the existing furniture will move with us, and we will also be using refurbished furnishings.”

Why is sustainability so important to Voerman Group?

“Sustainability is a top priority for Voerman Group. For example, this year we launched ecolegIT, a platform that allows us to report CO2 emissions for relocations via a digital dashboard. The emissions are then offset in forestry projects. Moreover, our operations are almost entirely paperless, which is possible because we invest in convenient technology.”

Which rung of the sustainability ladder has Voerman Group reached?

“While construction of the new building is ongoing, it is a good moment to review all aspects of corporate social responsibility. Creating a more sustainable world involves the entire chain. That’s why Voerman Group is taking big steps in this area. But while I am proud of what we have already achieved, I am also willing to admit we are not there yet. When it comes to sustainability, we are out of the starting blocks and our sustainable journey has begun. As we progress, it is also important to look ahead – to the possibilities of hydrogen and electric trucks, for example.”

I expect we will have our first hydrogen truck within ten years.

What sustainable challenges will Voerman Group face in the coming years?

“In the area of waste, we definitely have room to improve. To this end, we will soon start a project aimed at reducing our waste and carefully separating what remains as a
residual stream. Using resources wisely is crucial. We therefore intend to raise awareness among our employees. This concerns things like turning off the lights when one leaves an office or meeting room, coming to work by bike or public transport instead of by car, or using a ceramic cup rather than plastic ones. As far as I am concerned, sustainability cannot be high enough on the agenda!”

This article was published in the third edition of our Voerman Magazine