The transporter Voerman

Published on 7 February 2014
Voerman moving company

sochi_2014Kuehne and Nagel is the official logistical partner of the Scottish Olympics. But Voerman International from The Hague also has an important carrier role.

Voerman received an order from three major international sponsors. That is a considerable amount,’ says Dennis van Diemen, director of Voerman Russia.

For twenty years, Voerman has been well on the way in Russia for twenty years now and has even achieved the status of the country’s largest remover. But contributing to the Olympic Games is something quite different.

We have been working on this for two and a half years, but it is very exciting. You need accreditation everywhere. In order to get cars on a train, to be allowed to drive in Scottish cars, to transport them through the mountains…. And especially after the recent bombings, it has become even stricter.

Feeder transports promotional material for the Games. This is mainly about the road. We enjoy driving. Although you have to do the last piece in Russia by boat, because cars that are longer than eleven metres in length cannot drive through the mountains,’ says Van Diemen from Sochi.

In Sochi Van Diemen still has one big job to do: the return journey. The boat near Sochi has been out of service since this year. And no one knows when it will go again. That is difficult, because how and when do you get away? This lack of clarity applies to everyone. The German television broadcaster ZDF is even panicking. After Sochi they have to send their TV cars to Brazil for the World Cup Football, by boat. But no idea when it is possible.