The added value of a relocator

Published on 22 June 2022
Rachel Vriens relocation consultant at Voerman

The added value of a relocator

A relocation consultant professionally assists expats with all facets of an international relocation: from immigration assistance to home search support and settling in service. Rachel Viersma is one of our relocation consultants at Eurohome Relocation Services, part of the Voerman Group. In this article she talks about her work, the added value of a professional relocator and her own experiences being an expat.

The role of a Relocation Consultant

A relocation consultant accompanies expats at their arrival and first time. For example, Rachel supports expats coming to the Netherlands with:

  • Home visits
  • Appointments at the bank
  • Appointments at the municipality
  • Appointments at immigration service desk.

The relocator has the local knowledge, speaks the language, and assures a warm welcome at the new destination: a pivotal part of the relocation journey.

Rachel uses her personal experiences in her role as a relocator. She is the child of expat parents and lived in Qatar, Brunei, and Malaysia during her youth. She also lived abroad (Azerbaijan and India) with her husband and two young children. They had to arrange everything themselves, from housing to finding the right supermarket, routes and driving over inaccessible roads. “A relocator really takes you by the hand and makes sure you have a soft & quick landing in the new country”.

Rachel names an example of her own experiences where a relocation consultant could have had a huge added value on her feelings and emotions. “I had just arrived in India with my sons, then aged 1 and 3. The very next day my husband had to travel unexpectedly to another city in India and we were alone in a brand-new city. That moment was challenging and of course, I could cry at that time.

Services within relocation management

Relocation management services for expats go further than a relocator on location only. It also includes cultural and language training, immigration and visa assistance, home and school findings, rental furniture and departure service. All to make sure everyone feels at home quickly in their new country.

About Rachel

Rachel Viersma lives in Voorburg with her husband and two sons aged 11 and 13. In her spare time she loves to exercise and work as a freelance photographer. Being the child of expat parents and having lived abroad herself twice for three years, she knows all too well what it is like to move to a new country.