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Published on 20 February 2023
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Tenancy Management via the “check-in and check-out” app

Throughout most of the relocation industry, the process of tenancy management is still done manually, which inspired us to create a more efficient tool for our clients. What we have created is a “check-in and check-out” app, which enables our consultants and clients to track the availability of their rental property in real time. This goes for check-in, continued stay, and during check-out and is convenient, fast, and hassle-free.

The value of tenancy management

Tenancy management provides value for companies as well as for the individual expat or short-stay international assignee. Companies do not need to spend their precious time on rental payments, fluctuating utility bills, day-to-day repairs, and keeping track of lease extension dates. Expats have everything arranged for a worry-free and smooth start. Shalini Voerman explains the value of tenancy management.

Companies that station employees from, or to, foreign countries for a stay from months to years, know this: accommodation comes with hassle! Who takes care of the rental contract? The utilities? Local taxes or procedures? And, more important: how to find a proper and affordable accommodation in a market of shortage? Shalini: “We can take over the burden of accommodating international staff. We provide tenancy management services in different levels that bring value to all parties. Expats for instance, mostly have tough first months on the financial side. They have just arrived in a new country, do not have a bank account yet, and face direct payment of the first months’ rent, plus sometimes several months’ rent as a deposit. In some cases, employers want to take over this first financial obstacle, which we can execute for clients. We call this expense management. However, tenancy management stretches beyond this.”

Full service

Tenancy management involves every process around the renting of accommodation: rental contract with a building owner, rental payments, utility contracts and payments, inventory report on check-in and check-out, furnishing, cleaning, tracking of occupancy rates, and all administration required. Shalini: “We have clients that rent up to 20 accommodations for international short-stay
employees (typically six months to a year). We can take over all administration and communication for them, and can run everything from the rental contract to key management, and everything in between. We help our clients to keep track with comprehensive monthly status reports.”

The main advantages of tenancy management

  • Cost savings in comparison with expensive hotels and short-stay rentals
  • Administration reduction
  • Optimum return on rotation of occupants
  • Possibility of optimizing occupancy with business travelers
  • No worries on the occupancy and availability in the current housing shortage for short-term leases
  • Safe and happy moving for the employees

It starts with the tenant

Voerman understands that excellent tenancy management is executed from the perspective of the tenant. Shalini: “We want to provide a service that is hassle-free for the tenant, so they have time to get used to their new location and are able to focus on their job at hand. That’s why we also provide a 24/7 helpdesk. They can just call us when the heating system breaks, or when they lock themselves out, or when they have to comply with local requirements such as city hall taxes. We will coordinate the necessary measures.”

Market shortage

Companies stationing employees in the Netherlands (as well as several other EU countries) face a housing market with enormous shortages. This drives up rental prices and makes real estate owners hesitant in allowing short-stay renters in their properties. Shalini: “In order to find accommodation that is affordable and suits your needs, knowing your way around the local housing market helps a
lot. We have the knowledge and the network to provide international clients with properly matching accommodations. In all, our tenancy management approach is unique in the way we can tune it to the needs and wants of our clients.”

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This article was published in the third edition of our Voerman Magazine