Task list when relocating employees abroad

Published on 11 August 2022
Voerman group

The way we work is becoming more and more digital. That also stimulates companies to expand their business activities to other parts of Europe or the world. In some cases, due to excellent communication technologies, it is possible to work with people on the other side of the world at a distance. In other cases, it has an added value to temporarily transfer an employee to another country. For instance, for employees with a specialistic knowledge that is in demand when rolling out a project or fulfill an important position abroad. Sending your employees abroad to fulfill a position within the same company is called relocation. Since the well-being of the employee and his or her family is involved with this, relocation is an impactful event. What points do you need to consider for your own company and for the employee when relocating them?

For the company

Managers or (HR) professionals have to arrange everything due to the transfer of the employee:

  • Immigration assistance

Get the employee the right visa and work permit in complex bureaucratic labyrinths

  • Tenancy and expense management

For example, expense management and paperwork for the rental accommodation.

For the employee

Moving abroad is a big and exciting step. Therefore, you want everything to be perfectly arranged according to the employee’s wishes and desires.

  • Immigration assistance

Not only the right visa for the employee, but also the right permits for their families to come with and to go to school or university.

  • Orientation tour

Getting to know their new neighborhood by knowing how to get around, where to go shopping and how to find specific points of interest.

  • Short-term accommodation

Comfortable temporary accommodation at the arrival is an important first step.

  • Home search

Home searching requires local expertise and experience.

  • Utility services

For example, setting up local bank accounts for daily payments and visiting the municipality for paperwork.

  • School search

Find the absolute best school for the children

  • Language training

Learning the local language is always a positive way to better adopt to the new location.

Relocation management is complicated

As you properly have noticed, relocation management is rather complex. One of the brands of Voerman, Eurohome, is happy to assist you. Eurohome is active on a global scale, offering a full range of relocation services in any country you require assistance. Wherever you relocate, Eurohome will be there to help simplify and manage the process.