Stedelijk museum AABC network

Published on 17 September 2013

The 16th of September the AABC invited their members to come to the Stedelijk museum for a private tour and afternoon networking at this unique location.

The AABC network is a professional networking organization whose main purpose is to help improve contacts between Dutch and American Businesses. The club consists primarily of American and Dutch professional people, but also includes a broad variety of nationalities and professional backgrounds.

Voerman has been a GOLD member for quite a while. There for we try to visit all the events and borrels.

On the 16th The Stedelijk museum opened her doors for the AABC members after an 8 year renovation and an investment of €127 million. The breathtaking Stedelijk Museum has reopened in 2012.

The AABC group was devided in 3 small groups and we all got to see a snapshot of what the museum has to offer. A wide range of modern art. Very impressive, but sometimes hard to understand. After the tour we went to the restaurant for a drink. De restaurant is separate from the museum and is also open when the museum closes his doors.

After a nice glass of wine and a small present (beautiful cards) from the museum we were asked to be a member of the museum. We all went home with something to think about. What is modern art! Soon I will go back and see all.