Russian resilience

Published on 5 June 2018
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In the face of economic challenges, Russian resilience and resourcefulness leads to a cultural shift

Russia has gone through many changes over the past years and will likely face many more changes in the years to come. Russia is now used to this new, challenging economic reality with EU restrictions, but the Russian business community feels the need to move forward and create progress. A great example is the FIFA World Cup which starts June 14th. Sport is about providing a great spectacle but also about being connected. The Russian people look forward to this and we plan to show great hospitality to all who will visit our country.
Russia has undergone a cultural shift in the past six years with the economic challenges we’ve faced and people are proud and conscious of what they can achieve together. We’ve always welcomed people to visit our country, even though they’ve decided not to visit. Sports, business and politics have an influence on each other, but they are not one in the same. Even with the success of hosting an event like the World Cup and its representation of successful organization and international cooperation, Russia still needs to find new and creative ways to succeed in business. For example, Russia now looks for new markets and has started to produce more locally instead of importing because of EU restrictions.


img_1192In recent years, Voerman has seen many expats move out of Russia without being replaced which has created a decline in the moving business. As a result we have also had to look for other markets to explore. Our growth has been in logistics, where we’ve applied the same customer first philosophy that led to past success in the moving business. We take care of our customers goods as if they are our own personal belongings. By doing this, our clients feel there is something different about our service. We go the extra mile, but are still able to offer competitive prices.
It also helps that we have been in Russia for 27 years and have the reputation of having really raised the bar in the local moving industry. Over the years many individuals who have worked as employees for Voerman have started their own local businesses and thrived.


We always encourage the growth of our employees

We always encourage the growth of our employees and our positive long-term relationship with these employees turned entrepreneurs has created a strong supply chain network for our company.
With so many changes and challenges happening across Russia, we at Voerman are all looking forward to the excitement and fun of the upcoming World Cup. We want to celebrate the values associated with the tournament, such as cooperation, strength in the face of adversity, competition at the highest level, and teamwork. We can’t wait for the games to start and we hope that everyone has a great time watching it in Russia and abroad!
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