MovePro in Action

Published on 1 November 2018

At the Voerman Group, we are entirely focused on the essential role that technology and innovation play in the global mobility and relocation industry, both for the needs of today and the needs of the future. This is why we continuously prioritize development of new applications and solutions that better serve our needs and the needs of our partners and clients.

These IT innovations are designed to increase efficiency and improve organization by simplifying previously complex and time-consuming processes for global mobility professionals and their customers. To achieve these objectives, we cooperate with the team at Move4U who use their creativity and IT skills to bring our ideas to life.

Example solutions that Move4U offers are the SurveyPro application and the CrewPro. Using these applications provides a number of benefits to the person moving and the moving professionals.

The SurveyPro is used by move surveyors during the home visit to create a detailed inventory which the customer will take with them to their new destination. The input provided by the SurveyPro is synchronized to the MoveDashboard in which all the details are available digitally.

Based upon this inventory, a price estimate is created for the move, and the quotation can be sent to the customer. It is a more efficient way to do a home visit and price quotation, both for the client and the surveyor, and gives a quicker turnaround when providing the quotation.

Gina Moor, a Move Surveyor for Voerman International, uses the SurveyPro during her home visits.

The SurveyPro gives a clear overview of what the customer would like to move. Per item it is possible to add extra information or photos, if necessary. These results are shared with the customer when the report is finished. The customer can easily understand the list because it is digital and not handwritten. The survey report is saved in the MoveDashboard. Changes can be made, and the move coordinators also have access to the report at any time.

The second application, the CrewPro, is used by the move crew to create greater accountability and organization during the packing process all in a digital format. The packing team leader will use the created inventory during the original survey to guide what items to pack and how to pack them according to the client’s preferences recorded during the home visit. When the packing has been completed, a digital packing inventory list is created on the tablet and signed by the client after which it will be stored to the Move Dashboard, which can be accessed by the move coordinator.

Jesper van Eijk, Mover of the Crew Team Leaders  that has become accustomed to using the CrewPro, talked about the benefits of the app from the perspective of a packer.

It is efficient. Using the tablet reduces time spent on paperwork, and all parties involved in the move can read it more easily than a hand-written packing inventory. What also helps tremendously is that the app is multilingual, so it doesn’t matter if it is a packing crew in Russia making the list for an Italian speaking client, to be sent to an English move coordinator that will forward the list to a packing team in France.


Everyone can read the items and instructions. Once the packing is complete it is also possible to forward the digital documents easily through the MoveDashboard, which saves a good amount of time.

It is a very beneficial, because it functions as our client summary which combines all information in one document .

The combination of the Survey and CrewPro has a lot of benefits for all parties involved in the move process, but perhaps most importantly; it can help provide a better moving experience for the customer.

All customer data related to the move is saved in a secure digital environment: the MoveDashboard, and is able to be accessed by the client through a simple-to-use platform via computer or mobile device. This data, including the survey form, inventory lists, and any photos related to the move, can easily be viewed and managed by the client at any point during the moving process.

The use of these solutions provides the clients with more involvement and oversight during their move, eliminates concern about physically storing important paperwork which can be lost, and allows them to read all information in their own language. The combination of these features, plus the easy-to-use application, provides customers more satisfaction and peace of mind to make their move more manageable.

The features offered inside the solutions have been created with a focus on improving the experience of all parties involved in the move—from the customer, to the move coordinator, to the packers, and to managers involved in oversight and accountability.

We believe that this application is a great example of The Voerman Group’s dedication to developing forward thinking technology. It also increases efficiency and adds value to our partners.

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