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Published on 1 April 2021

The Voerman Sharing = Caring Generator

The Voerman Group cares about our fellow human-beings and society. For many years, the Voerman Group has been supporting various social projects, including: Only Friends.

Only Friends  is a sports center for children with mental and/or physical disabilities and offers more than 25 different sports to approximately 800 children. Today, Only Friends also helps elderly people and children with obesity.

This year, Only Friends is celebrating a special anniversary. The organization is marking 21 years of service, this year, in 2021. Therefore, we would like to share with you 21 reasons to support Only Friends and hopefully inspire you to give 1 euro (or even 10 cents) for each reason listed below. 😉  Of course, every little bit helps, and any donation is most welcome.

Click here to support Only Friends. Sharing = caring!

Your donation helps Only Friends to:

After all, they make this all possible! Thank you for your support!