Meet the Team: Pien Andringa

Published on 29 June 2023
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Meet the Team: Pien Andringa

Who are the people that work at Voerman Group? How does a day in their lives look like? And what drives them to work within the moving and relocation industry? In this series of articles, we put some of our enthusiastic employees in the spotlight. This time: Pien Andringa, 23 years old and working as a Real Estate Relocation Coordinator for Eurohome Relocation.

Born and raised in Rotterdam

Pien started working at the Voerman Group, especially for Eurohome Relocation, in September 2022. She is born and raised in Rotterdam and has managed to turn her interest in properties into a job: “As a kid I was always busy with searching properties on the internet and then I imagined what kind of people would fit into each home. So it’s not surprising that I ended up in the world of relocations.”

In her free time she likes to spend time with friends and her field-hockey team. Going to a terrace and having endless conversations with people is something that she likes to do as well.

Starting as a field consultant

In September 2022 Pien started working as a field consultant. December was a very busy month at the office, with the team spending a lot of time looking for accommodation for transferees. That is how Pien joined the team: “The team reached out to me and asked if I had time to help them at the office. After working there for a month, I noticed that I really liked the word and luckily the team was also happy with my commitment.” Pien joined the team for a longer time and took on more responsibilities.

Helping people is what it’s all about for Pien: “Transferees are coming to a strange new country and do not know a thing about the housing market or renting a house. When I help them check-in in their new house, I always feel very thankful for helping them.”

A warm company culture

The company culture at Voerman is very friendly and warm. From life in the office, to after work drinks with colleagues. “From the first moment I stepped in the office, I felt very welcome. All my colleagues are so nice and are more than willing to help each other. When I started working, I had to learn a lot about the relocation world. Luckily, everyone was happy to help and answer any questions that I had. I also really enjoy the after work drinks with my colleagues, where we can get to know each other on a personal level as well.”

Working at Voerman Group

Did Pien’s story inspire you about a position within the moving industry or at Voerman Group? We have some open vacancies for different positions. Take a look at our vacancy┬ápage! We will be more than happy to meet you.