Meet the Team: Noa Poot

Published on 24 July 2023
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Meet the Team: Noa Poot

Who are the people that work at Voerman Group? What does a day in their lives look like? And what drives them to work within the moving and relocation industry? In this series of articles, we put some of our enthusiastic employees in the spotlight. This time: Noa Poot, 24 years old and working as an International Relocation Coordinator at Eurohome.

Who is Noa?

Originally hailing from the picturesque town of Hellevoetsluis, Noa Poot made a life-changing decision four years ago when she moved to Rotterdam for her studies in Real Estate Management. She immediately fell in love with the vibrant city ‘’I’ve been enjoying it here immensely” Noa says. In 2021, she proudly completed her Bachelor’s degree, ready to embark on a journey that would shape her professional career.

A journey of discovery and growth

Noa’s journey into the world of relocations began when she worked as a rental agent in Rotterdam after completing her studies. However, her adventurous spirit took her on a few months of travel, adding to her repertoire of experiences.

International Relocation Coordinator at Eurohome

On April 1st, Noa stepped into her role as an International Relocation Coordinator at Voerman Group, where her unique skill set and passion found the perfect match. While her job title may sound conventional, the scope of her role sets her apart from the rest. Responsible for tenancy, handling home searches, and working as a consultant, Noa takes on diverse challenges, ensuring that every client’s transition is smooth and stress-free.

Noa: ‘’I appreciate the variety in my job, from handling administrative tasks in the office to working outside and having personal interactions with clients.”

Balancing work and personal life

Outside of her professional pursuits, Noa knows how to strike the right balance between work and leisure. You can often find her on a terrace, enjoying good food and drinks. ‘’I also like to stay active and engage in sports. I attend Rocycle classes regularly or go for a run.’’

A fresh perspective

Noa’s journey to Voerman Group was serendipitous, as a recruiter approached her on LinkedIn with various opportunities. However, it was the International Relocation Coordinator position that sparked her enthusiasm, aligning perfectly with her passion for assisting people in finding their dream homes abroad. 

“When I was presented with this opportunity, I got really enthusiastic, and I was quickly connected with our manager Sybren. A few weeks later, I started my role.”

The diversity of her role is what Noa cherishes the most. From handling administrative tasks within the office to venturing outside and engaging with clients on a personal level, every day brings a new adventure for her.

Colleagues’ praise

Ask Noa’s colleagues about her, and you’ll receive a resounding praise for her work ethic. Described as a quick learner, enthusiastic, and hardworking, Noa’s presence enhances the team’s synergy.

Working at Voerman Group

Noa explains that Voerman Group stands out as an employer that fosters an enjoyable working environment. She explains ‘’within Eurohome, there are short communication lines, and decisions can be made swiftly. There is a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can be themselves and where learning from one another is encouraged.” With her enthusiasm and dedication to creating a positive impact, Noa exemplifies the new generation of relocation coordinators, leading the way to a brighter future for the global mobility industry.

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