Meet the Team: Liz Claessen

Published on 21 February 2023
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Meet the Team: Liz Claessen

Who are the people that work at Voerman Group? What does a day in their lives look like? And what drives them to work within the moving and relocation industry? In this series of articles, we put some of our enthusiastic employees in the spotlight. This time: Liz, 35 years old and working for Voerman as an international relocation coordinator.

Who is Liz?

Liz is 35 years old and lives in Voorburg with her partner and cat. She has a degree in Japan studies and lived in Tokyo for a year. Workwise, she worked as a manager in retail for the past 10 years where her favorite parts of the job were the hands-on interaction with customers and her team. During the Covid pandemic, she reevaluated her priorities and took a sabbatical. At the same time, her boyfriend and Liz were accepted for an allotment garden in Den Haag where she spent a large part of 2022 designing, planting and renovating their garden and ‘vacation house’. ‘’Once this was finished around August, I started to look for a job again that had a better fit with my personal wishes and that’s how I ended up at Voerman.’’

Liz’s hobbies

In her free time, Liz loves to read, do gardening and make pottery. After gifting my early items to various family members, Liz now runs a small online store and she also receives a steady stream of orders to make personalized items for her Voerman colleagues.

Work at Voerman

Liz has been working at Voerman since September 2022. ‘’I wanted a better work-life balance while still being able to help people and work with great colleagues in a positive atmosphere.’’ At Voerman, Liz appreciates the open atmosphere and she felt welcome from the first day. ‘’There is no hierarchy and everyone is willing to lend a hand.’’ Another thing she really appreciates about working at Voerman is the focus on healthy lifestyle and personal wellbeing. ‘’There are weekly massages, bootcamp classes and free fruit but also frequent company drinks where you can unwind and socialize with your colleagues.’’

The best thing about working at Voerman is…

‘’In my personal life I am always the one that organizes parties, vacations etc. I like to make sure that everything is arranged to a T. During my period abroad I gained first hand experience of what it’s like to pack up all your belongings, move to the other side of the world and integrate into a new community. I like that I am able to use these experiences and skills in a professional setting so I can make sure that the expats we assist will have the softest landing possible in their new home country.’’

The best office experience is…

‘’I really enjoy the interaction with my colleagues. When there is a difficult assignment, there is always someone who lends their ear or gives useful tips. We share daily laughs and weekly drinks, so even when it’s not your day, everyone makes an effort to make sure you feel better.’’

Working at Voerman Group

Did Liz’s story inspire you about a position within the moving industry or at Voerman Group? We have some open vacancies for different positions. Take a look at our vacancy page! We will be more than happy to meet you.