Meet the team: Jakub Krpes

Published on 18 August 2023
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Meet the team: Jakub Krpes

Meet Jakub, a 35-year-old Relocation Consultant from Prague. After graduating, he embarked on an adventure to Canada, immersing himself in a new culture and environment. Returning to Europe after 1.5 years, Jakub dove into the financial sector. When working at a bank, he played a pivotal role in launching a project that streamlined mortgage processes for clients. This marked the beginning of a journey that led him to work at the Voerman Group, Eurohome.

Passion beyond the desk

Outside of the office, Jakub is a true outdoor enthusiast. His love for freeride and downhill biking takes him on exhilarating journeys through the mountains. This passion for adventure is complemented by the company of his furry dog friend. 

‘’Nothing can beat the time I spent in the mountains with my dog’’ Jakub explains.

The Eurohome experience

Having spent 1.5 years with the Voerman Group at Eurohome, Jakub reflects on the decision to join the team. His desire to stay connected with assignees and provide hands-on assistance fueled his interest in the position. This aspiration aligns seamlessly with the Voerman Group’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition for individuals relocating to new cities.

Jakub says: ‘’I always wanted to stay in touch with assignees, helping them on the spot and showing them all the hidden gems of a city.’’

A versatile and engaging role

When asked about their favorite aspect of the job, Jakub emphasizes the value of versatility and direct feedback. The role of a Relocation Consultant demands adaptability, as each assignment brings forth unique challenges and opportunities. Jakub also highlights the positive working environment at Eurohome, fostering collaboration and growth.

Colleagues’ perspective

Jakub’s colleagues playfully describe them as “always hungry.” This attribute undoubtedly contributes to Jakub’s success as a relocation consultant, where continuous learning and hunger for knowledge are crucial. Additionally, it describes Jakub’s sustainability efforts within the company, leaving no leftovers in the canteen.

Memorable moments at the office

Among the numerous experiences at Eurohome, Jakub fondly recalls the sense of camaraderie that stands out. Knowing that support is readily available in times of trouble or uncertainty fosters a sense of unity among colleagues.

‘At Eurohome, there is always someone willing to help.’’

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