Meet the Team: Gerco Smit

Published on 30 January 2023
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Meet the Team: Gerco Smit

Who are the people that work at Voerman Group? How does a day in their lives look like? And what drives them to work within the moving and relocation industry? In this series of articles, we put some of our enthusiastic employees in the spotlight. This time: Gerco Smit, 30 years old and working as an International Relocation Coordinator at Voerman Group since October 2022.

Contacting people all over the world

A few months ago, Gerco was approached via LinkedIn for a conversation on getting to know Eurohome. Immediately, he thought that it would be very interesting to work in such an environment because of the many contacts with people all over the world. ‘Helping people around the world is what I like most about my job. I have a background in hospitality, and in the global mobility industry our focus lies on the personal contact with our customers.’

Tenancy management and Global Mobility

After a month, Gerco switched to our tenancy department. ‘This new function fits me better because the job is about solving immediate problems. What I like most about it, is the close contact we have with our customers during their stay in our accommodations.’ Voerman Group, or more specifically Eurohome, is one of the few relocation companies that has their own tenancy management department. This is what makes us unique for our corporate clients and their expats and gives us the opportunity to retain the personal approach.

Voerman is a family business

This personal approach is also what makes Voerman stand out as an employer according to Gerco. ‘Voerman is really a family business! In my first week at Voerman I felt very welcome by everyone, not just my team but the entire company.’

Caring and cheerful

‘Within Eurohome, we do everything together as a team. I am someone who likes to take care of people and be there for everyone when needed.’ Gerco also gets this care and support back from his colleagues.

‘For 2023, I will continue to care for others, both on a personal and professional level. With the support of my colleagues, I am sure we will grow together.’

Working at Voerman Group

Did Gerco’s story inspire you about a position within the moving industry or at Voerman Group? We have some open vacancies for different positions. Take a look at our vacancy page! We will be more than happy to meet you.