Meet the Team: Cato Govaarts

Published on 27 July 2023
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Meet the Team: Cato Govaarts

Who are the people that work at Voerman Group? What does a day in their lives look like? And what drives them to work within the moving and relocation industry? In this series of articles, we put some of our enthusiastic employees in the spotlight. This time: Cato Govaarts, 22 years old and working as a Sales Representative at ULSI.

Meet Cato

In the vibrant city of The Hague, where international connections thrive, lives Cato Govaarts, a 22-year-old Sales Representative at ULSI. With a passion for global business and an innovative mindset, Cato’s role extends beyond sales, as she also collaborates with colleague Joaquin on marketing, adding a touch of creativity into her daily activities.

Global exploration

Cato’s journey is one of exploration and growth. Graduating in International Business in February, she has already lived in various cities across the Netherlands and abroad. Hailing from Brabant, she spent time in Hamburg and Leeuwarden for her studies before settling in The Hague. Prior to joining ULSI, Cato’s determination and commitment led her to work at a hotel while completing her degree.

Free time activities

Outside the bustling world of logistics, Cato knows how to strike a perfect balance between work and leisure. A fitness enthusiast at heart, she relishes in her post-work CrossFit sessions and regular walks. The beach, a stone’s throw away from her home, beckons her for leisurely gatherings with friends, soaking in the sun and the sea breeze.

ULSI: The perfect fit for growth

Joining ULSI has been a transformative experience for Cato. Working closely with clients and engaging in international interactions aligns perfectly with her aspirations. Eager for a new challenge, Cato sought a role that combined sales, creativity, and logistics. ULSI provided the perfect platform for her to delve into the world of logistics and embark on exciting projects worldwide.

Cato: “The international aspects, the contact with clients, and the sales challenges – everything suited perfectly. I wanted to learn more about this sector, and this was the challenge I was looking for. I do not regret it at all!”

Embracing challenges with creativity

The thrill of helping clients and devising creative solutions for logistical requests energizes Cato each day. ULSI’s small, knowledgeable team fosters a collaborative environment that encourages growth and mutual support. Working on amazing projects for companies across the globe, Cato enjoys the opportunity to expand her knowledge and expertise.

“I like the most to be able to help our clients and find a creative solution for all logistical requests. We work on amazing projects every day for companies all over the world” she says.

A welcoming atmosphere at Voerman Group

What sets Voerman apart as an employer is for Cato the nurturing and welcoming atmosphere it provides. From the moment she joined, Cato felt the warmth of her colleagues’ support and encouragement. The company’s dedication to her as an employee further developing herself convinced her she made the right choice.

“I felt welcome from the first moment. The working environment is really nice, everyone is nice to each other, and the colleagues are really welcoming, open and happy to help where they can. I really like that Voerman provides the ability to develop yourself and invest in the development of the employees” Cato explains.

Cato Govaarts, as she continues her journey at ULSI, is an example of a creative spirit with a passion for international business. With a vibrant energy and sincere dedication, Cato embodies the future of logistics: dynamic, innovative, and global!

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