Interview with Sanne Redeker of Voerman International

Published on 8 January 2013
As a woman in a man’s world you stand out

How long have you been working on the Zuidas?

For years! Many clients of our company, Voerman International Moving Company and Euro Home Relocation Services, are based on the Zuidas. We are an international mover and we often move expatriates. In the 80s and 90s we were located in the C-tower ourselves, but eventually we moved to The Hague. Our industry implies that we need a huge storage space – we have found that there.

Where do you live and how do you travel?

I live in Almere and my working area is Amsterdam. If I only have to be in the Zuidas, I take the train. Otherwise I come by car.

What exactly do you do at Voerman International?

I am an account manager and I regularly visit internationally operating companies in the WTC, such as banks, law firms and consultants. The world of movers is one of ‘awarding jobs’. It is therefore important that people see my face, for example at the Business Club, and know who I am. As a woman in a man’s world I stand out. I myself lived with my family in Moscow, Stockholm and Accra (Ghana), which helps to understand what things are important when moving.

What do you find important in your job?

I am certainly not the one that actually moves the stuff, but I do feel responsible! Voerman is a family business. That appeals to me. Attention is paid to the people in our company and by extension thereof: the people for whom we work. We are also a green company, for example with our packaging materials. I’m proud of that!

What do you think of the Zuidas as a residential area?

For the expats we move the central location is ideal, but the area is still too sterile for my taste: I live near a forest and I miss the green on the Zuidas. Furthermore, it may be a bit ‘cosier’ here.

Do you have ‘rituals’ on the Zuidas?

Yes definitely! I prefer to always park in the same space. If I succeed, this is a good sign. Furthermore, I like to have my coffee and lunch at Fitch & Shui – a fixture! – at Sushi Time.

What is the best or most beautiful thing you have ever witnessed here?

A while ago I saw a bum on the Zuidplein. A man walked up to him, neatly in a suit, to bring him a sandwich. The contrast between the business environment and the bum struck me, but especially the human factor of the gesture.