In memory of Steve Lewis

Published on 30 August 2023

It has been one year ago that we had to say farewell to our cherished colleague and true legend in the moving industry, Steve Lewis. We fondly remember his commitment to Voerman, his passion for the industry and his forward thinking approach to the industry. We are happy to announce that he will be added to the IAM Hall of Honors, to honor his contributions to the industry.

In addition to his admirable activities in the industry, Steve was also known for his brilliant storytelling and infectious laugh. That’s why we want to briefly reflect on our beloved memories we have of him.

Robert Jan Voerman

Steve, one year now and almost everyday I stand still at our very special walking place whereby we both visualized the same. Now I can only hope that has become reality for you. Keep enjoying whatever you do now.

Pauline Collins

One year on and I miss our great conversations, but as they say life goes on but you will always be that voice in my head as I often ask myself “how would Steve approach this” and you will always be in my heart.

Wiebe van Bockel

Do miss Steve a lot. He was always there to be a sparring partner, a go-to to co-develop new strategies, benchmark ideas or jointly create innovative out of the box solutions. There is no other Steve Lewis on this planet unfortunately. But we moved on in his spirit and he will be proud.

I learnt from Steve how he focused to be very professional about work and be able to win by always taking the extra step. But also learnt not to take this industry too seriously. Humor and storytelling do work effectively to set the right stages. We are not saving lives in a hospital but move people & goods across the world he would say a lot. Do cherish his legacy and will support Wales for the Rugby World cup in his unique way.

Hamish MacGibbon

Cannot believe it has been a year since you have passed. Really miss our chats and having a laugh together! I will forever cherish our time together, your knowledge shared along with the memories created. I will always support the Welsh rugby team, whilst having a cheeky pint for you, apart from when the play the All Blacks, as I am sure you would understand😉

Rest easy mate, Hamish

Ramon Ripson

When I think back to Steve – I think of a person I looked up to, really saw as a mentor and who I could always ask questions or discuss dillemas with. We had weekly contact to discuss the future perspective – both for me personally and for client contracts. Steve was always concerned with the future and ensuring that there was continuous development in certain processes and the move management model.