How does a relocation manager support your employees?

Published on 18 August 2022
Voerman group

Relocating your employees (sending one of your current employees abroad to fulfill a position in another location) has many advantages for your business. However, it is also a complex and complicated process. Not only due to practical issues (for instance applying for the right visas and work permits and the costs that come with this) but also on an emotional level. Moving is seen as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, let alone moving abroad. This is where a relocation manager comes in. Not only to assist the company with the right paperwork, but also to support the employee (and their families) with everything that comes with their relocation.

Search for accommodation and schools

A place where the family feels home should be top priority. In some countries, specific requirements apply to make this happen. For example, in more ‘unsafe’ countries as South Africa, finding a home that suits the family’s desires can be complex. Based on the wishes of the expat, a relocation manager will screen the available houses and arrange appointments. Having several options makes you able to make a well-founded decision. If possible, we advise companies and employees to arrange temporary accommodation at arrival and take some time after that to accompany the house visits. The feeling that the employee has when walking through the house, is what matters.

The relocation is exciting and stressful for the children as well. Finding the right school increases their well-being and social contacts in their new country. Therefore, a relocator will give the right attention to school searching and will assist in consulting services and booking appointments for visits and admission meetings.

Arranging temporary accommodation

As mentioned, it can be helpful to rent a temporary accommodation at arrival for the family so that they can accompany the house visits. A relocator will make sure that this temporary accommodation fulfills all the needs for the expat after their long travel and exciting movement.

Integration in host country

Expat experiences are more positive when they have a good integration within the host country. There are several things a person can do to stimulate this integration. A relocation manager will make sure that all these topics are discussed with the employee and are accessible.

Cultural and language training

Adopting to a new country and according to culture is much easier when someone understands the language and cultural behavior. Also, cultural differences and influences are often underestimated.  A relocation manager helps you to choose what is relevant in your case and supports you in finding the right training programs.

Orientation trip

If possible, we advise to visit the new country and home environment prior to the move. Of course, when moving to the other side of the world, this is not always possible. In that case, a relocation manager can offer you a complete list of restaurants, stores, and other important places beforehand.

Handling utilizes

When arriving in the new country, many things have to be arranged. For example, a visit at the municipality, opening bank accounts, get the right insurances, change the driver’s license to a national one, and many more. A relocator will arrange the appointments and accompany the employee during the visits.

Good carries and storage

In most cases, the employee’s household goods and effects are transported prior to the move by another vehicle or ship. A relocator makes sure that these goods are collected on arrival and stored in the new house or temporary storage room. If desired, a relocator can also makes sure that goods and furniture is already unpacked and installed in the new house to make the employee feel at home immediately.

Final trip planning

The actual moving day is exciting and therefore a bit exhausting as well. A relocation manager will make sure there is a pickup towards the airport in the origin country and at the airport on arrival. Also, the relocator makes sure that all is arranged for this first days. So, the family can focus on what is most important for them: have a good farewell to their families and friend and enjoy the travel.

The benefits of a relocation manager

We have seen that a relocation manager for the expat family reduces stress around the move. This also increases worker productivity during their final days and weeks in the home country and first days and weeks in the new country. On more long term, a new experience around the relocation will prevent employee dissatisfaction and therefore a drop in retention rates. Show you employees you only want the best for them and they will give their effort in return.