Published on 19 April 2018
Voerman moving company

On March 21st we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. It is as a day which provides us the opportunity to stop and appreciate these very special people among us and the journey they take.

One such person we have in our world is Gregory at our Voerman branch in Moscow. Gregory joined our team in 2016 as a trainee and immediately proved his worth as a valued member of the team. He plays an important role at our office, with unique skills, incredible abilities of perception, and a model work ethic which helps contribute to the running of daily operations and quality control.

We are proud to have Gregory as part of the team and appreciate him for all of his tremendous contributions to our company’s success. He embodies the spirit we find to be so important at Voerman, and for that we are grateful he has chosen to be with us.

To learn more about Gregory’s inspirational journey, please follow the link below and watch that shares a bit about who he is and what makes him so remarkable.

Gregory’s Story