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Published on 10 February 2023
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Brisa: A smart tool for a smooth posted worker process

A complex and time-consuming process, organizations that regularly send employees abroad for temporary work assignments are already familiar with the posted worker directive. It involves a lot of red tape: the rules are different in each EU country and, what is worse, they are constantly changing. That is why Voerman Group works with Brisa.

Brisa is the first and only tool, worldwide, that makes it easy for Global Mobility and Human Resources managers to deploy employees abroad (to EU and non-EU countries), in full compliance, for brief or extended periods. Moreover, organizations save tremendously on costs associated with the legal and administrative processing of the statutorily mandated procedures.

What Brisa provides

In our conversations with our clients, we discover that everyone with familiar and confronted by this challenge. When we tell them about Brisa, their ears are immediately perked. Brisa s a necessary tool foor any internationally operating organization. Even within the EU, the rules concerning the Posted Worker Directive are different in each member state. For instance, in one country you must report from the first day and in another only for at least a week’s work. The required data also varies enormously. In Greece, for example, you have to register your parents’ names, which is data not naturally found in the company’s HR system. Brisa contains all this knowledge, and the tool helps you through the process, step by step.

How Brisa works

With Brisa, you can easily see what documentation you need to arrange for the international work trip for a particular employee. A notification in accordance with the Posted Worker Directive, the appropriate insurance (Certificate of Coverage), and any additional documentation, such as a visa in the case of placement outside the EU. After the assessment, you can then submit the applications directly via the system. This can be done by the GM or HR manager themselves or, if desired, employees can also be given access to their own Brisa portal, to encourage self-empowerment within the organization. An additional advantage of Brisa is that the system stores all the necessary employee data (in full compliance with the GDPR), making follow-up trips even easier to orchestrate. Brisa is continuously updated, so it always functions in accordance with the latest regulations.

Excited to know more?

Visit the Brisa website, request a demo or ask one of our Voerman experts about the possibilities.

This article was published in the third edition of our Voerman Magazine