Voerman introduces environmentally friendly crates

Published on 12 July 2011

Voerman has once again taken a new and important measure, which will undoubtedly be followed up in the international relocation sector.

With direct access, the use of wooden packaging materials is a thing of the past and Voerman is completely moving on to the use of cardboard boxes and crates. This measure applies both to standard lift fans and customised boxes, as well as to size crates, which are used for smaller vulnerable items.

Together with its regular supplier, Voerman has thus taken an important initiative, partly inspired by the recently obtained environmental certification ISO 14002.

The initiative offers many advantages:

The cardboard crates are considerably lighter in weight and therefore easier to handle. Especially in destinations where logistics facilities are scarce, this represents a major advantage.
The reduction in weight is of great importance for a far-reaching reduction in CO2 emissions.
The cardboard complies with the FSC quality mark, which encourages responsible forest management worldwide.
With the commissioning of the cardboard crates, the compulsory fumigation, as necessary for most wood species, is also a thing of the past, since it does not apply to cardboard.
The reactions to this new initiative have so far been extremely positive and provide an additional incentive to continue to find alternative packaging methods.

Through our (renewed) website we will keep you informed of developments in this part of our services.