Employees first

Published on 12 September 2019

Voerman consciously works on sustainable employability, appreciation of the environment, the community we live in and to make its employees consciously aware of this. The paramount of success for the Voerman organization is the well-being of its employees and by this, customer satisfaction.

At Voerman we look after our people, because they take care of your people.

We therefore provide great value on vitality of our employees within our organization in addition to offering several facilities to stimulate these vitalities. Examples of such vitalities are; providing desk bikes, Health consultancy, free fruit (year round), chair and foot massages as well as external coaching both on an individual basis and in a group context. As an organization, we strive to have no turnover of staff in addition to absenteeism within the organization is still well below 3% and is seen -together with our focus on retention – as the result of HR policies that propose good health of our employees.

As a group there is a broader view: Voerman aims to be recognized as an organization that is transparent and ethical in all its dealings as well as making a positive contribution to the community in which it operates. All principles of the Servant Leadership concept are
incorporated in our core values. We see Servant Leadership as a way of being where the leader serves the growth of others, so that our colleagues exceed themselves and our organization achieves lasting results. It benefits you, but also the sustainable development of our society as a whole.