Employees first

Published on 12 September 2019

Voerman consciously works on sustainable employability, appreciation of the environment, the community we live in and to make its employees consciously aware of this. The paramount of success for the Voerman organization is the well-being of its employees and by this, customer satisfaction.

At Voerman we look after our people, because they take care of your people.

This vital change is also observed in worldwide business. Large multinationals, such as Coca Cola, Apple, General Motors and Procter & Gamble agree on taking into account the employees and the environment they work in for making decisions. This is declared on the website of the Business Roundtable with its total of 200 members, also including these multinationals.  Prior to this, these companies see the shareholders as the most important decision-makers. The members of the Business Roundtable have an annual revenue of $700 mrd and almost $300 mrd of dividends which shows the importance of the shareholders (source: fd.nl/).

However, we see a radical change in this. These companies confirm that the opinion of the employees is just as important as the opinion of the shareholders. It’s as simple as it sounds!  Happy employees lead to happy customers and this leads to investors and shareholders. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, concludes the following: “investing in employees is the only factor for success on the long term”(source fd.nl/).