Published on 15 February 2018
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Enhancing the moving and relocation experience and improving cost and efficiency through the use of Blockchain technology

Blockchain is the exciting new development in the world of high-tech that has captured the attention of The Voerman Group as we seek out the latest in technology to increase efficiency and improve the experience of our clients.

We envision a wide variety of applications where Blockchain can provide a higher level of security, better tracking for our clients and relocation employees, improve costs for our clients, and add more transparency to the moving and relocation processes.

The Blockchain will connect the information chain of logistics related to a household goods move, from the timing of packing of personal effects in the house, to when shipments are put in the warehouse, to knowing the location of the shipment during its transport by air, sea, or land— with real time data available to be viewed by clients and coordinators at the push of a button.

This technology will help to reduce the number of touchpoints that currently exist between the client and intermediaries involved in the move, such as freight forwarders and relocation management companies, as the client will be able to easily collect and provide information through a secured system. This will lead to higher efficiency for clients, both in time and cost.

There are similar applications that will be used for Blockchain with our Eurohome Relocation services, as well. We will be able to automate processes in immigration, taxation, tracking services, and improving real estate finding services amongst several other areas. The possibilities for improvement are nearly endless.

Are you working with the Blockchain and wish to connect with our team? Feel free to reach out!

We look forward to incorporating this technology into our systems and will provide updates on its development as we enter this exciting new world of Blockchain for better moving and relocation services.


Photo by Jantine Doornbos on Unsplash