AEO Certificate for Voerman International

Published on 27 April 2012

uitreking-aeo-certificaat-190412On April 19, Robert Jan Voerman and Nathan ten Have of Voerman International were presented with the Authorized Economic Operator certificate by the Dutch Customs.

This will place Voerman International in a select group of companies who may benefit from preferred status with Customs, which in turn is beneficial for customers whose goods are being moved.

What is an Authorized Economic Operator?
Following the events of 9-11 2001 in the US, ever stricter rules have been put in place in international traffic of goods and people. This has led to extra safety checks on exported and imported goods, causing delays and costs for the operator and shipper.
AEO status means that a company in the EU meets strict standards set by customs, such as a good standing over the past years, an automated system for customs entries and fitting procedures for handling of goods, and is therefore labeled as reliable and subject to less inspections on cross-border shipments.

What are the benefits for the operator?
As the AEO company is regularly screened by customs and its procedures and facilities approved, AEO shipments are subject to less documental and physical inspections.

What are the benefits for customers?
The company’s AEO status is directly beneficial to the customer:

  • less checks and physical inspections means less delays and costs;
  • preferential treatment in case inspection does take place;
  • and the possibility of carrying out inspection at the AEO’s facility.