A day in the life of a relocation manager

Published on 16 August 2022

At Voerman Group, many professionals work, day after day, to provide our clients with the best move and relocation management services. To give you more insights into our services, we highlight the work and tasks of our different professionals. This time: a day in the life of a relocation manager.

Our relocation managers work all over the world. We have our own relocators at our offices in The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Russia and Poland and we work with partners in almost every country in the world. A relocation manager is responsible for the planning and execution of the complete relocation of an employee. From immigration services to language training, and from home searching to booking flight tickets.

The work of a relocation manager differs each day, depending on the status of different relocations and the wishes of our customers.

Relocation administration

A day in the life of a relocation manager often starts with some administrative tasks. The relocator handles the residence visa and work permit application of a family that is soon going to relocate to their country. Because the relocator speaks the language, the process is more fluent. There is some additional paperwork required and the relocation manager makes sure everything is collected and handed in in time at the immigration office.

Thereafter, the relocation is in contact with the HR manager of a company. One of their employees is soon going to be relocated and he asked some questions about the move and shipment of his goods and how much baggage he is allowed to take with them on the plane. Since the relocator arranged the container, temporary storage and flight tickets, he or she knows exactly how to help both the HR manager and the employee with their questions.

Make the expat feel at home

After some administrative work, it is time for two home viewings. A little over a week ago, a family arrived in the country. They are now staying at a temporary apartment because they wanted to join the home searching. The relocation management searched for houses that would fit their needs and joins them on the viewings.

Just after the lunch break, the relocation manager has a short call with a family that is now in their new country for a few weeks. The children just started at their new school, an international school just outside the city. How are they doing, and could the family use some additional help with something?

Obligated visits

In the afternoon, the relocator joins a relocated employee with her visits to the bank and municipality. She has now been in the country for two months and could use her abroad bank accounts for the first weeks. Now it is time to set up a local bank account and register at the municipality for social security purposes.

Back in the car, the relocation manager has a first, initial meeting with the HR manager of a big international company. They are planning to soon start with relocating their employees to their subsidiary in this country. They are now investigating all rules, possibilities and points of attention. The relocation manager tells everything that is important and also explains the HR manager what they can do themselves.

To close the day, the relocation manager has an online meeting with the other relocation managers in the same country and their supervisors. They discuss what they are busy with, what things are important for the near future, and they share their experiences with each other.

Get in touch!

This is just one example of how a life in the day of a relocation manager could look like. Are you interested in one or more of our relocation management services across the world? Or are you interested in a job as relocation consultant? Take a look at our vacancies and do not hesitate to contact us for the possibilities!