A day in the life of a mover

Published on 30 August 2022

At Voerman Group, many professionals work, day after day, to provide our clients with the best move and relocation management services. To give you more insights into our services, we highlight the work and tasks of our different professionals. This time: a day in the life of a mover.

For our (international and domestic) moves, we always try to plan that our movers can work the entire day on one move. However, there are many tasks and things that happen during a day which they will perform in-between.

Handyman services

Yesterday, the mover performed a move. A family moved from the city center to a larger house with garden in a smaller village just outside the city. With some of Voerman’s movers, they executed the entire move: from disassembly and deinstallation of the furniture and curtain rails and electronics, to safely transport the items with a van, to unpack on location.

This morning, the mover goes back to the family’s new house because not all tasks were finished yet. This working method differs a lot from the traditional work of a mover since a couple of years. A handyman is now almost always a fixed part of the assignment. The mover arrives at the house at the on the agreed time and makes sure that the washing machine is being installed, hangs the television on the wall and assembles the king size bed.

Moving and storage

After this handyman assignment, the mover gets into his van. He gets a quick stop for lunch and drives towards one of the storage facilities of Voerman. A few weeks ago, household goods of an expat family arrived in the harbor. The mover collected these and transported the container to the storage. Now, the mover collects the right goods and transports it to the family’s new house. They have arrived two days ago, so they would be happy that they now see their own goods at their new house to make it a home.

Point of contact

On the ride back to the office, the mover gets a call from a customer where he was a few days ago. Movers are also a familiar point of contact for our customers. She tells that, unfortunately, during the unpacking they discovered that some of their valued crockeries were damaged. Luckily, all our moves are insured so the mover refers this lady friendly to our insurance apartment for more help.

Go international!

Back at the office it is time for a conversation with the supervisor. Within a month, there is an international move to Spain planned. Voerman is still looking for a mover to perform this move. For the mover, this means that he is a week away from home (packing in The Netherlands, transport with the truck, unpack in Spain and help the family on arrival). The mover recently indicated that he is keen to also perform an international move sometimes. Together with the supervisor, they discuss some final things and desires of the customer.

After the meeting, they have some additional little talk with some colleagues to close the day. Tomorrow is a new day.

Get in touch!

This is just one example of how a life in the day of a (domestic or international) mover could look like. We hope to have showed you that the work of a mover is more varied and comes with more responsibilities than what people sometimes think. Are you interested in a job as mover in one of our locations? Have a look at our vacancies and do not hesitate to contact us for the possibilities!

Are you moving soon and want (one of) our movers to assist you? Have a look at our move management solutions.