2013 – Do not assume

Published on 3 April 2013

The 1st Quarter of 2013 started as we expected. We have a couple of interesting projects which started in Q1, but will have more effect on the 2nd half results of this year. The current market circumstances remain difficult in Western Europe and we see a rather flat market place on both the relocation as the removal side of our businesses.

The trend in Eastern Europe is still a positive one, whereas Central Europe is following the trend of Western Europe. Our offices in Central Europe are growing due to more import and consolidation of volume of both our own work as from our partners. Due to the strategic location of our Prague warehouse in Europe we will be utilizing this more& more to haulage our business in & out of Europe. This is still in the early stages and we expect a significant growth in the 2nd half of 2013.

Voerman Russia has been able to maintain its leading position in the Russian market and secured its biggest contract in history in March this year. We see both a growth in traditional corporate removals & relocation services as well as the growth of more logistic services with our logistics company ULSI (United Logistics Services International). The Russian market is a key focus point for our Group and especially the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi and the World cup in 2018 in Russia will have a big impact.

Although the word “crisis” has been the name of the game, the Voerman Group has seen a solid start of 2013. What we do see is the ongoing trend to service more clients in upcoming markets. Our volume of business in e.g. China, Indonesia, Nigeria & Angola maintains double digits growth. We also see more project based clients. We are servicing a group move from China to Taiwan at the moment and are also working on 250+ relocations to The Netherlands for a newly established company. Besides that we also see existing clients coming to us with last minute requests when they either restructure or reposition their expat population around the globe.

Impressive is still the steep growth at Eurohome Relocation Services. Eurohome has developed to be one of the market leading relocation companies in Western Europe and is known for its excellent service delivery. It has been able to sign multiple big relocation contracts and serves more & more Fortune 500 companies. Key is the personal service with the best IT support possible of RedSky Mobility. We expect more growth this year as long as we keep the sales at the level it should be. Our 5 year strategy ends this year. Eurohome is at the crossroads to work on the “next strategy”.

Key focus in 2013 will be “not to assume”. We want to be active & pro-active towards our clients. Our customers are the key in what we do. We have been able to restructure our operational procedures with our IT platform, RedSky, to give our staff the opportunity to focus solely on customer satisfaction. This really makes the difference and will be the key driver of both growth of results as efficiency in the next years. Our future will be our people combined with the best IT platform in the mobility industry. As long as we do not assume, we will make 2013 again a strong year for the Voerman Group.