Meeting on spirituality and leadership

On 3 April this year I attended a meeting on spirituality and leadership. A lecture held by Professor Sharda Nandram.

Prof Nandram (lady) studied both psychology and economics and looks at how you can combine the soft side (psychology) and the hard side (economics) together.

Spirituality is a very broad term and everyone takes his own thing. For example, in touch with yourself, spirituality, live from your heart, meditation, yoga etc. What it comes down to is that you are looking for your inner source. That you involve your environment, being in harmony with your environment. Have faith that you can go over to yourself. You can also solve in business things in a gentle way that you will remain close to yourself and still come up with solutions. Make way for the big picture. Take occasionally a break between two appointments, come to yourself and then to greater things.

Everyone has spiritual substance. In their own way. It’s about whether you are open to it. Letting go en stepping back, then the answers sometimes will come by itself. You do not have to know everything.