Voerman International is ever changing in the sense of new innovation and technology. Technology features are used to serve customers in the moving process and to get better insights of our customers so we are able to serve them better.

Voerman runs its business with growing innovative initiatives. In these times of constant high tech evolution, innovation is becoming more and more important. Also, in the Global Mobility World, innovation is playing a significant role. Only a few years ago a lot of documentation was on paper. Now digitalization of data is one of our day to day activities.

Innovation is one of the key elements of Voerman International to be a leader in the global mobility industry.

Get acquainted with the most innovative international mover in the world.

Let yourself be impressed by our innovative techniques.

Cutting edge applications are used for collection of data and information. Making information as quickly accessible and secure as possible by using the latest innovation and technology is of the utmost importance to our company as well. The world is changing, and so are we.

An App is just a carrier. It will solve a problem and provide data. In the current phase, platforms play a big role as they offer multiple solutions to various problems. But the big opportunity is in the coming phase is to offer the relevant data to the relevant people at the relevant time.