What needs to be done when you move?

Here’s a list of things to be done, such as cancelling the rent, make a floor plan for the new house, transfer insurances, etc. Print below list and check the boxes to make sure you don’t overlook anything.

 Cancel rent / sell the house
 Make a floor plan for the new house
 Transfer insurances
 Call gas, water, energy, TV and internet  providers
 Mail change of address to friends and family
 Contact moving companies for quotation
 Plan moving dates
 Start cleaning up and get rid of excess items
 Get proper moving cartons
 Arrange for transportation
 Book external storage space for larger items
 Start packing in time – set dates
 Dismantle furniture
 Cleaning of old and new place
 Ask friends / relatives for assistance with move
 Arrange for kids / pets to be away on moving day
 Arrange for food and drinks on moving day
 Make sure to have sufficient cash available
 Empty and clean fridge and freezer
 Clean washing machine and fix the drum for transportation
 Take down curtains, wall hangings and lamps
 Keep important documents, money and jewelry in safe place
 Check rooms and basement on overseen items
 Take water and electricity meter readings on moving day
 Disconnect gas and electricity
 Turn in old keys
 Have extra keys made for new house