The Voerman Foundation

The Voerman Foundation has one main goal:

Creating meaningful and sustainable communities in the countries we have a presence in.

We do that by taking care of our people, planet and direct surroundings. We support social projects and charities where we donate our time and attention to contribute in a positive way. We are also very conscious about our use of resources, including with selecting the cars we drive and the packing material we use.

We have chosen kids as a central theme for the coming period. Children are the future and hold the key to prosperity in the long term. We raise money and donate time to fund projects and improve the lives of children.


Please join us in our cause.
We want to create a clear scope on all projects we undertake for creating a sustainable future. Below you find an overview of some of the projects we have undertaken.




Only Friends

Only Friends Amsterdam is a sports club developed for children with a physical-or mental constraint or chronic illness. For these youngsters, Only Friends has created a large variety of different sports to choose from and is focused on how they experience practicing their sports. At this moment, Only Friends has about 600 members who take great joy and pride in participating in these sports programs.

Only Friends



Sympany (formerly known as KICI) is the largest, independent accumulator of second-hand clothes in the Netherlands. Ever since 1975, they have made it their profession to recycle textile and shoes. The clothing and shoes the receive that are still in good condition will either be exported to non-European markets or donated to charity.

Textiles that cannot be reused again will be recycled to produce new items like jeans, emergency-blankets and environmental-friendly insulation materials.





Food bank the Netherlands

People with a very limited income are weekly supported by the Food Bank. Approximately 150 Food Banks are nowadays connected and united via de Vereniging Voedselbanken Nederland and together they support about 35,000 families (around 85.000 people).

Voerman International is helping Voedselbanken Nederland each and every day; once our teams start packing a house our customer receives a special foodbank-box. Food that is still left in the cabinets (only food with ongoing expiry date – no perishable food) can be collected in this box.

On the day of the physical removal, Voerman collects the box and will provide delivery at Voedselbanken Nederland. By doing so, everyone benefits: extra food is collected for distribution, less food is spoiled, the customers have less to worry about. Voedselbanken Nederland has found a solid partner in Voerman.

Voedselbanken Nederland