Voerman International is focused on transparency in our customer satisfaction. However, since we work for other companies and apply to compliance policies, this makes customer feedback private in most cases and measured in a closed system.

If you wish to learn more about the feedback we receive from our clients, please contact us. Below you find some mentioned feedback and our customers answered the following question:

Would you use our services again in the future?


Mrs. S.

It was a pleasure to work with you, and I really appreciate all your support through my move!  Yes – everything arrived safely with only a few small broken items, so overall, everything went well.

Thanks again for all you did to make this an easy and smooth process!

Take care and all the best.


Mr. M. 

Unpacking team – very good, fast and well organized. Great service. Packing team (China) – nothing to complain, a lot of people, they answered all my questions and packed many things individually. Support from Lars (Voerman) was excellent, I was informed about status of delivery and got answers to my questions.

All in all, I would recommend you for other colleagues!

Mr. P. 

I am very glad to give you a very positive feedback about Ingrid. She has coordinated my household move to the USA in a very professional way. She was always very responsive, supportive and with a high social competence.

I would like to thank Ingrid and your company for your excellent work. Your service has delighted me.

All the best for your and your family in these challenging times.

Mr. A. 

Communication with Mr. Jeroen went very smooth, he was very supportive throughout this process and he kept me posted with all developments at all stages.

My brother (the recipient of the shipping) told me that delivery went very fine too and the team in Bucharest was very professional too. Overall impression is that your company and employees are very client-oriented. Thank you very much.


Mr. S.

Just to highlight service of Mr. Bakker, quick in solving any requests, clear in communication, professional but yet kind and caring about customers situation, everything one needs in situation like this.


Mrs. A & Mr. M.

Hi Roberto,

Thank you very much for your great support. In Germany we would say “ a Wahnsinn!” (that means – unbelievable good”)

Best regards, A & M.


Ms. L.

Really impressed with the support along the journey, would definitely recommend. Goran’s support has been very appreciated and both packing company and delivery company were very competent and efficient. 10/10


Mr. P.

Ockje has been fantastic in communication, knowledge, support with using this service, very formal and easy to talk to, kindly pass these comments onto OckjeWishing you a fantastic Christmas and happy new year

Mr. M.

Luuk de Groot gave us great support. The relocation was completed successfully, without any complications. We are fully satisfied with the work of Voerman and Voermans’ partner. It was our first experience of relocation with a moving company. Our expectations were even exceeded.



Dear Marta and Erik,

I hope that you had a nice weekend.
I just would like to thank you both, for all for your efforts and willingness to support me in the process of going back to my country. Since the very first time that I had the opportunity to talk to Marta, I felt that I was dealing with a professional and reliable company.
I highly appreciate your prompt and efficient advice that allowed me to organize my move properly. On the same line, please transmit my gratitude to all the Voerman staff, especially to Paul.
Definitely, I will recommend your services and spread the word among my colleagues.

Have a good week,
Warm regards


Mr. M.

The delivery went very well, I’d say it was excellent. The guys arrived exactly at 8 a.m. and went straight to work, very professional.

Thanks for all your help getting my goods delivered to me.

Ramon, I thank you as well for your help. I’ll definitely recommend Voerman International. Job well done.


Ms. Linda C – moved from Vevey to Basel

Hi Vikash,

I just had the video survey to see the contents for my move and was really impressed. The level of professionalism compared to before can not be compared. I feel that this group knows what they are doing and are interested in ensuring the best possible customer experience. And most of all, already I have confidence that my contents are in good hands.


Ms. Sommiers

A big +++++ for Ockje. Many thanks for her support during my moving household. She is a kindly person with lot of professional skills. She listens to people, is pleasant, quickly answer, follows up on services with calls and emails. I would recommend voerman with a lot of enthusiasm thanks to the very positive exchanges from ockje.

Mr. Bart

Dear Pim,

Hope you are doing well!

A BIG thank you to you for all you have done for me and my family over the past weeks. You made my life much easier organizing the move to be very, very smooth.

I know this case has not been an easy one to solve but I am under the impression you did everything you could to make it easy for my family and myself.

We are now safe and sound in Belgium and we are much enjoying to be together and having our own goods around us.

Please forward this message to your superiors and let them know we are very grateful to you managing this process.

Take care!


Mr. Christian

Hi Marjana,

Thank you for your mail, and sorry for late reply, but as you can imagine, I have been a bit busy organizing things around here.

I would like to express my full and unconditional appreciation of the work you and Asian Tigers have done for me for this move ! Having done my share of international moves in the past, I especially want to mention that the packaging the team did back in July last year was exceptionally good, and without a doubt the best I have seen.

As you are aware, the schedule changed for my part, which resulted in my goods being stores for the better part of 9 months here in Singapore. I was concerned about this, and about possible damage from humidity, but likewise have to say that the conditions that Asian Tigers stored my goods under must have been absolutely 1st class !! – There was not the slightest sign of mold, or smell of ‘long term storage’ when we opened the boxes. I would like to mention that this is in sharp contrast to what some of my friends have experienced form other, well reputed, movers here in Singapore.

Lastly, I also only have good things to say about the team that unpacked the goods last week. Friendly, service-minded, and careful with both the house and my things. Again, full marks !

There was one ceramic pot that did not survive the exercise. This was duly documented by the team, and I am sure I will be contacted by their people responsible for damages/claims. It is not a big deal, so no drama at all in the big scheme of things.

Thank you for the nice care and concern, and the thorough follow up and management from your side. It’s been a real pleasure to experience as customer, and I very much appreciate the nice combination of professionalism and personal ‘touch’.

Best regards,


Mrs. Muller

I would like to thank you all for an amazing experience and well co ordinated move form Tokyo back to Amsterdam.  I have unpacked my goods and rest in storage and boxes were collected yesterday. Thank you once again and wishing you all a good weekend. appreciated regards, Lizzy


Mrs. Claudia


Great Service and support for the move from Rödermark to Berlin. Really appreciated the process. Pick-up on time, delivery on time- Nothing got damaged. I will highly recommend Voerman and Team. Best Regards, Claudia.


Mrs. Kate

After long time I found an apartment and Marjana and her team said it takes around 2 weeks from that time they know my address. Surprise and I`m very happy that it worked in 1 week and I got my goods after few days from Upper Austria to Switzerland. I appreciate it a lot that it happend all very quickly. The people are very friendly and helpful. A big Thank you to Marjana and the people which delivered my goods on time. Yes on time and without any damages, that was great. I will definitly recommend you and your team. Thanks for your support. Best regards, Katharina


Mrs. Zembla

Hello dear friends!! Many thanks to all people who supported my relocation 🙂 The entire process was really well-organized and coordinated. Transport providers in both countries (Bangalore and Shanghai) were super professional and friendly. Asian Tigers were double higher than my high expectations. GREAT JOB!! Keep the standards!! Take care and all the best. Cheers, Svetlana


Mr. van Huys

Great experience. From our first meeting, all the way through. A special mention to the packing team in Amsterdam. We thought they were superb. We had a little bit of trouble getting through customs, but this is not something that Voerman could have changed. Honestly, 10 out of 10. I’m almost looking forward to our move back! 🙂


Mrs. Wellington

Thank you so much and I shall be sure to recommend you to my friends and family, and I shall definitely be in touch for any future moves. Thanks again for everything!.
Best wishes


All the steps (pre-move organization, pick up, delivery) were perfectly coordinated and occurred according to the schedule. I am very satisfied of the service provided. Both the teams in Italy and in the Netherlands were very kind and efficient. Special thanks to the coordinator for planning all the activities throughout and for the final call to check if everything was fine.

Mr. Latin


Overall very good service including the pre-move arrangements, communication and packing/delivery service. Highly recommend to other

Mrs. Bartolom


Mr. Malcolm

This is mainly due to the fact that your team was eager to serve us and was available 24×7 to answer to our queries and concerns. Firstly Mr. Ramon Pavon introduced all the key issues we needed to know prior to the move, so we were ready. The packers at home led by Davey were also very courteous and happy to serve us and handled our household effects diligently. The packing was swift, and careful.

We also used Voerman to move some of our items locally from Wassenaar to Den Haag, which was done nicely. Your commitment to serve us was especially true when some of our furniture was to arrive from Belgium and was late for our container packing date. Ramon was able to work with the team and directly with the supplier, very close to Christmas holidays, and had the item collected all the way from Antwerp and drove it to Den Haag to make the delivery without any delay to the container, saving us additional costs. This was outstanding indeed.

When we arrived in Singapore, Ramon maintained contact with us all the way until the container arrived. When the unpacking was being done by Asian Tigers in Singapore, Ramon was able to connect with and guide the local team led by Patrick Goh and Nurfifi. This was critical for us, since two of the items needed a hoist to the 4th floor. Ramon, all the way from Den Haag, was able to work with the team in Singapore to organize the hoisting and we were able to complete the delivery successfully, in Singapore.

No doubt we could not have done this move without Ramon or the excellent packing by Davey, the rest of the Voermen team and the local Asian Tigers team.

Many thanks for all your effort and commitment to satisfy our needs. You exceeded our expectations.

Best regards,


Mr. Marc

What a wonderful team you have here. These guys were amazing. Great job. Punctual and efficient and explained things to us in a nice and easy way. We have moved a lot!!! But I was still so impressed with this team.


Mrs. Isabela

Thank you very much for your email and all your help from day one. Everything went very well and smooth, and my expectation were far exceeded. Also, everything was in perfect condition.Thank you again.


Mrs. Gonzalez

Perfect timing, Simone was so effective and communicative. I do totally recommend this company to anyone who needs to settle in another city. Thank you so much, team!!!!!!


Mr. Dallas

It was really amazing service. Allan was very helpful and supportive. He was calling and assisting during loading and unloading. I must say that it was the best service which I had so far. The company is very professional and I highly recommend it to other colleagues.


Mr. Sanchez

About the feedback. I would say that you were just amazing and it’s great you spoke Spanish. You were kind and respectful so I would give you “5 of 5 stars “ for all your attention.  Thanks!! “



All very professional and friendly. Thanks for the excellent service.



The Voerman team were able to coordinate the shipment of both mine and my partners goods to be delivered at the same time – thanks to Luuk and Simone for facilitating this as it was a great help to us. I’d also like to mention that the guys who unloaded the goods were super helpful and friendly, and made the process of moving lots of boxes really seamless.



We are very impressed with both the service from Mirjam as well as from everyone we met in connection with the actual move. The whole thing was handled so smoothly and it really feels like you took great care of our things during the move. Thanks!



Thank you very much for the great, professional and quick services, supporting us with the returning home process.

As a frequent traveler that had been moved in and out several times in the past 25 years, I must say that this experience was the best by far. Not even one unexpected event, and many could occur.

My family and me thank you very much for the great support, care, smooth handling and fully understanding our needs.

The home and destination agents were excellent and we are thankful for the outstanding coordination as well.

Keep it up!!



I would like to send a big thanks to the team who helped me to move. Specially to Jaroslav and Michal! They put heart and soul to it!!!! So far the best team who moved me and I would definitely use them again.  Please let them know how special they are! Many thanks!



I really would like to say a big thank to the movers, they did a really good job. They made a fast packing / unpacking and disassemble / assemble of furniture, always taking care of our goods. They always listened to our instructions and are very polite. Moving your goods it’s always a lot of stress, but we felt in good hands with them.



It’s been some time since we talked last time, actually on the date we moved in!

Well, I would like to thank you for the smooth and successful move of our household goods from Athens to Helsingborg.

The whole process was efficient in all aspects!

So, a BIG Thank you from me and my family for your efforts and commitment!!



I really would like to say a big thank to the movers, they did a really good job. They made a fast packing / unpacking and disassemble / assemble of furniture, always taking care of our goods. They always listened to our instructions and are very polite. Moving your goods it’s always a lot of stress, but we felt in good hands with them.



I can only reiterate what I said the last time about Voerman; excellent job and our expectations were not only met but even exceeded.

2 of the guys were already with us in Sweden and the other 2 were just as professional.

On time, efficient, attentive and careful with our things and our apartment. Only one small thing broken (pic included) but it’s really nothing so I did not mention it in the documents.

Please send our best regards to your team and a big thanks to you as well for coordinating everything and giving advice.

Apparantly the team was in for a big check at the boarder but since all of our goods were used, no action taken.

We would happily recommend Voerman for any move and please accept our gratitude once again for helping us.



Everything was well delivered. Your team was amazing, very kind guys they ask me so many times if I needed something else. Please thank them for the great work today and in overall Voerman. Really happy you have handled my things.



With many thanks to VOERMAN Company for your good cooperation in this matter: specifically for smooth transportation, timely delivery, unloading and unpacking the shipments.

Juan Diego


Super good service overall! couldnt be happier!



I confirm that the boxes were successfully delivered without any damage. I had really great customer experience with my move, thank you for such a great services



I’d like to give a special review to the team that was packing on the first day of the move. The two guys of that team who packed on the second day in Amsterdam too and who delivered in Paris were highly professional, very kind and respectful of our things. When they unpacked in Paris they did it very carefully and put the things back where they were. You could really see the difference between these 2 guys (Hans &  Roy) and the other 3 French guys who came to unpack on the Friday in Paris. I think they are really good movers and we were very happy with them.



First of all I would like to thank the packing team . They did great job with a very friendly atmosphere and high professional level.




They came this morning perfect on time and all went well. They were super kind and efficient, worked very fast and carefully. They assembled my bed which is great! Now I am swimming in boxes but it’s part of the process 😊. Thanks for your help and making sure everything went smoothly!

A personal approach

Voerman treats every move with personal care and attention.



And again I am impressed with the great services yesterday at the border of Germany when driving my car to The Netherlands. Thanks to your instant and professional reaction and calling in your partner in Weil am Rhein, I was able to continue my travels. The move was done perfectly, with kind, polite and professional movers. You took great care of my interests, coordinating all actions. I copied some colleagues, whom I would like to know of my experience. I could recommend Voerman International Moving company to all of my colleagues!




This is to inform you that our gear arrived on schedule as planned. The accompanying 2 man crew was very pleasant and all packing was received intact, though we decided not to unpack all boxes in the presence of the crew. Their assistance very professional. In all we were very happy with the exercise. Thank you for your efforts.




Marcel scores 10 out of 10 on customer service! Thank you Marcel in accommodating our needs. Your flexibility and patience is appreciated!




Thank you! Very useful information! I guess you “saved my life” somehow, as I wanted to buy a used car just now to bring to the Netherlands. So after talking I will bring my current car and most probably look for a used one once I’m in Eindhoven. So Thanks for that!




They did a fabulous job! Arrived promptly, worked tirelessly, and provided tremendous service. Their positive demeanour, singing, joyful exchange made them a joy to be around. They also took tremendous care in packing our things. Best experience ever in a move!!




Many thanks for the excellent move. Very professional staff and not a scuff on a wall. Terrific. One frame cracked (somewhere along the way) and the arm of the sofa was a bit dirty but it’s an absolute miracle that that was all in an overseas move! Again, terrific.




Thank you for this opportunity to comment on the service. We have been delighted with the entire process. The advance information about foodbank, furniture and clothing recycling systems was invaluable. All our belongings arrived intact the day after we returned to New Zealand and we are now surrounded with boxes! Yes, we would definitely recommend you to others.



I was told that the AIR shipment took about 10 days and from my understanding that the shipment should be shipped out right after I arrived US, which was Dec. 23. However, my family received the shipment on Jan. 19, which meant it took 3 weeks for the AIR shipment. Not much faster than a SEA shipping. I expected to have my AIR shipment before my business trip but it arrived after my leave, which caused lots of inconvenience to me. Some items I needed for my business trip and I couldn’t have them. In addition, I couldn’t check if there is any damage during the shipment. I understood that there was storm but if it was shipped as scheduled 10 days, the storm wouldn’t not have any impact to the shipping.



I didn’t hear my phone ringing and this is why I didn’t answer. Yes, everything went smoothly the service you provided is the best you can get in my opinion. I did not open the boxes since there was no fragile stuff I have packed so I assume everything will be just fine. Many thanks for sorting everything out quickly and with no paper work at all.



The delivery went great on Friday. The team was top notch and everything was done super professional. We have unpacked almost everything at this point and no damage from what we can see. Really very satisfied with Voerman’s service from end to end! Thank you so much for helping to coordinate our move. It made our life much easier…




Marcel scores 10 out of 10 on customer service! Thank you Marcel in accomodating our needs. Much values your flexibility and patience!




In summary, the move was satisfactory. Thank you and looking forward to working with you once more. Here some remarks: – We had to choose between large and small shipment, one by sea or by air. It would help if more details will be provided on what the content and differences are to make a decision.

For example on the time needed and documents to be filled in for the shipment. -When decision was made to transport via air (60kg/person), it was not clear how this was going to be measured. Now (with that knowledge), I would have opted for less larger boxes, compared to more smaller boxes, as the weight of the box is also counted for.

Another comment is that I had to deal with 3 persons (2 in Netherlands, and 1 in Japan). My preference would be to have 1 person dealing with all requests/documentation. For example, I had to interpret/learn on the policy/rules to ship to Japan myself, while I have no knowledge on shipment and Japanese English is also a challenge.


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