Content Marketer – Voerman Group

Do you enjoy writing about an organization’s activities and development? Do you like conveying your message using a variety of media? Do you have experience in marketing and are you looking to specialize?

Who are we?

The Voerman Group is a family-owned moving company facilitating relocations to destinations world-wide. The Voerman Group comprises several companies, each with their own specialization: from B2C to B2B and from logistics to insurance. We are service-oriented, focused on providing value to our clients. Our work ethic and methods are based on Servant-Leadership.

Why is a Content Marketer important for the Voerman Group?

As content marketer, you create high impact by ensuring a positive impression in the market, influencing the business and telling our story.

What does the job entail?

The marketing team at the Voerman Group is looking for a content marketer to translate the brand strategy into written texts and be the liaison between the organization and social-media. You will be responsible for creating all content, including: articles, interviews, editorials, and even subtitles for online video content. You are also responsible for conveying these messages to the public, and ensuring that the content is read and spread by all stakeholders. You will be expected to follow what is being said about the organization, new developments in the field, and take part in discussions on behalf of the company.

What are the job requirements?

  • Minimum 2 years work experience in customer and business markets
  • HBO (or equivalent) in marketing or communication, or a similar discipline
  • Perfect English and Dutch writing skills
  • Curiosity and a proactive attitude
  • Experience in the service industry is preferred

Respond to this vacancy?

Contact us via the contact page under ‘Content Marketeer’ or via You can also call us: +31 (0)70 3011301