A Happy Landing

Relocating to another country is quite another story then spending some time in that same country for holidays. In the last case, you normally need not to worry about your hotel accommodation, the things you want to do & see and what to bring – as this is all included in your preparations.

When settling in a new country those ‘normal things’ are just the top of the iceberg you will experience in truly living abroad. Previously, I’ve written about preparations – which are extremely relevant in the process of having a successful continuation of a move. But a happy landing is even more crucial than anything else.  Having a trustful and experienced relocation consultant next to you is a true blessing. They know where to go and what to do and will safe you an enormous amount of time and ease your concerns.

We’ve experienced that having a personal consultant who helps you going through the specific processes contributes to a successful relocation. Spending a day or two with somebody who has the local knowledge will be very beneficial in getting the feeling that the new location will become “home”. An experienced consultant can read between the lines and knows the exact issues; acting immediately will avoid uncertain situations and stressful moments. Especially when personal concerns are involved: giving birth, finding a family doctor for a disabled child, the availability of special medical needs & requirements, etc. Investing a little bit more financial efforts in a relocation process will definitely pay back itself in creating a peaceful situation in the personal life of your assignee and their families.

Our subsidiary Eurohome Relocations has a most dedicated team of Senior Consultants available to help and assist your assignees. “Serving” is their middle-name and their team is truly ‘people relocating people’.  Not marketing driven, but service minded. They make the difference. Feel this difference and contact us today for a personal meeting and tailor made plan.