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The Voerman Group feels very committed to the society we live in. This commitment is inspired by our philosophy and manifests itself in the various sponsoring activities in which we are involved.

ven24cancerIn the fight against cancer, both patients and their loved ones feel a huge sense of helplessness. Cancer is everywhere. Fighting it seems pointless. Fourty percent of people in the western world develop cancer. Everyone involved has firsthand experience of how dramatically their lives are affected and how destructive this disease can be. The ven2-4cancer Foundation was created with the aim to empower people to convert the sense of powerlessness, caused by cancer, into strength. We achieve this by motivating as many people as possible to constantly challenge and expand their boundaries.

Our motto is “Never, ever quit!”

In memory of those who died too young of cancer and to inspire those who are fighting it.

Voerman_Foundation_afbeeldingThe Voerman Group has its own foundation, which was created to support special human projects. The Foundation has helped with the development of a school in Tanzania but also supported and guided persons in social distress.

KICI_afbeeldingKICI is the largest independent, chartable used clothes collector in the Netherlands which on  professional bases makes a strong effort since 1975 to reuse discarded textile and footwear. This is done by sorting discarded textile and footwear. Used clothes that are still fit to wear are being marketed outside of Europe or given to thrifts or domestic food banks. Used clothes and other donated textiles that are not fit to wear, are getting a second life as rags or isolation blankets..Textiles that are not fit to use for any application, is being pulped and recycled. The pulped product is used to produce new products like jeans, emergency blankets or for example environmental friendly isolation materials as used to isolate buildings.

Downside_Up_afbeeldingDownside Up, a Russian non-profit organization, provides support and advice for families raising children with Down syndrome, develops innovative children training and parents support methods, disseminates knowledge and experience among Russian professionals , and works towards raising public awareness about Down syndrome with the aim of changing attitudes. Downside Up provides all its programmes free of charge. 

Dorcas_afbeeldingOn the same basis as our partnership with KICI we have started a toy project with the foundation Dorcas. We ask our clients for toys that are no longer used, not to throw away but to give to  our movers. We ensure that these toys end up in various child institutions in Eastern Europe supported by Dorcas.

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